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The Only Canister Good Enough to be “Bulletproof”

Bulletproof Canister

Got two myself!
One for Hubby’s coffee and another for the collagen.

Bulletproof Coffee® – the healthiest and best coffee on the planet.
Mmm…  There’s nothing quite like opening a fresh bag of beans!

But how to keep that freshness?  Well, Dave Asprey has cracked the code on that conundrum and developed the new Bulletproof® AirScape® canister that removes the air that makes coffee and other foodstuffs stale.  Sized perfectly for a pound of Bulletproof® Coffee beans.

Click HERE to get one for your Bulletproof® Coffee, Upgraded® Collagen protein powder or other dry goods.  Get another Bulletproof® Coffee Kit and Travel Mug while you’re at it!

It’ll keep you warm, lively and focused through the next Polar Vortex!