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Curcurbit Crazy at Pumpkin Palooza!

pumpkin shed 2013

Hey, Paleo peeps – we are in business now! Check out all of these gorgeous pumpkins.
Perfect for all our favorite Fall Pumpkin recipes and more!

The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum hosts a Pumpkin Palooza every Fall.

The varieties of squash and pumpkin are AMAZING!  Check out these pix!

And it just wouldn’t be Fall without our favorite pumpkin recipes!

Use George’s Banana Bread recipe and substitute roasted pumpkin for the banana!  YUM!

Pumpkin is George’s favorite!  Here are a bunch of his (Caveman) Curcurbit Creations!
He’s got meats, treats and beverages galore.  Pumpkin Lattes or Smoothies, anyone? 

Get his very special Paleo Pumpkin Thanksgiving eBook FREE with the purchase of his Caveman Feast recipe eBook.  I have used them both, and they are fantastic!  His pumpkin collection includes both sweet and savory (red: meat!) recipes.  Link also at right ===>

Another favorite of mine is PUMPKIN CUSTARD.  I have made several variations of this treat.
My favorite is made with just the egg yolks, no whites (in this recipe, substitute about 6 egg yolks for the 3 eggs plus 1 yolk) and use just the separated coconut milk cream (chill the can to separate) instead of straight coconut milk.  I like the true flavor of pumpkin to shine through, so I limit my spices to cinnamon and vanilla bean paste.  

And of course, we can’t forget the roasted pumpkin seeds!
The Paleo Parents Matt and Stacey have us covered there!

Enjoy the Fall Fun while it lasts!  We’ve already had a few snowflakes fall here in Minnesota!

Happy Autumn: the First Day of my Favorite Season

I probably should have been working, but the weather was just too perfect – sunny and cool.
Besides, the internet kept cutting out on me.  Read it as a SIGN to get outside!

The annual scarecrow exhibit at the MN Landscape Arboretum opened yesterday.  It’s been one of our favorite events through the years, so we headed over to see the entrants and walk the gardens.  This year “natural materials” were required for scarecrow construction.

Every year my husband carries on about how we should make one.  Until this year, we missed the registration dates.  This time I made sure I got the registration form and schedule ahead of time, but to no avail.  He did not pay attention.  Another opportunity missed. *sigh*

Alex and I walked the gardens and took photos of all the scarecrows, which sadly numbered fewer than in the past.  The mums and other fall flowers were still in bloom and the fresh-cut grass smelled fantastic.  We took a break at the waterfall and visited the gift shop.  They had a 2013 stash of my favorite Ames Farm single-source raw honey in sweet clover – SCORE!

Scarecrows at Arb 037

Resting at the waterfall

Alex loves playing in the Learning Center’s Natural Play area, so we went over.

Scarecrows at Arb 055

The pinecone dollhouse

We finished our excursion with a trip to the Arboreteum’s Apple House and selected two varieties of Minnesota apples to take home for lunchboxes, along with a half-gallon of fresh-pressed cider.  

I love Autumn/Fall: the cooler weather for walking, the changing colors, the fashion, the comfort foods…pumpkins…  too bad it doesn’t last longer.

We just have to enjoy it while we can!

Spring Break is Here – If Only Spring Were!

snow in April 04-05-2013

As Prince once sang: “Sometimes it snows in April…”

We had such high hopes for this week off of school:  parks, sunshine…but NO – we had temps just above freezing – and to add insult to injury – SNOW on Friday!  Had I taken the photo earlier, it would have been coming down thick.  Granted, it did melt on the ground, but still.   


This had to be our worst Spring Break ever, and not just because of the weather.  As you know, we lost our baby about 3 weeks ago.  Starting Easter Saturday, I had some serious complications with the miscarriage. The baby stopped developing at just under 8 weeks and had required medical intervention/initiation two weeks later.  This week, after 2 evenings of SEVERE cramps etc. I got into the clinic Tuesday where the ultrasound revealed the pregnancy was still caught inside. Luckily the doctor as able to remove it in the clinic and did not require a D&C (surgical procedure). I am so relieved now, as there was great risk of infection accompanying a LOT of pain and hemorrhaging.  The process is at 3 weeks and counting. I need to get the physical part behind me in order to deal with the emotional part of loss and grief.  It has taken a real toll on our entire family.

God giveth, and he taketh away – and don’t I know it thrice over.

Thunder & Lightning

lightning and pines

This weekend we had our first thunderstorm of the season.  With snow on the ground and temperatures around freezing.  Strange place we live in, Minnesota is.  I thought it was my imagination when the first flash disturbed my sleep.  But then it happened again – brighter.  And then BOOM!  the thunder – and there was no mistaking it.

It was a nice change to experience some rain after months of the frozen stuff, and it definitely helped clear away the grayed mounds.  We are so looking forward to Spring and greenery after months of this gloomy gray stuff.  Blech.  Well, thunder and lightning IS progress.  I’ll take it.