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MORE April Snow! (…and frozen mint-chip recipe)

porch fridge 04-19-2013b

We got another foot of snow here in Minnesota.  Blech.  😛

The only good thing about this weather is that I can use my porch as a second fridge for cooling food.  I have some Korean-style short ribs (a la Orleatha Smith and Domestic Man) marinating and some coconut milk mint-chip pops setting up (for freezing).  Soon there will be a roaster pan with chicken thighs coming out of the oven to provide stir fry meat this weekend.

I’ve made short ribs before, using Orleatha’s marinade, but had cut them into squares.  I really like how Russ Crandall slices the ribs for more (grilling) surface.  I whisked up the marinade using coconut aminos, GF fish sauce, cinnamon applesauce, ginger, garlic, honey,  a little lime juice and oil.  I just eyeballed the quantities.  It’s just marinade, after all.

I want Spring to come soooo bad!  I will rebel against the cold and grill those short ribs tomorrow – no matter what the wind chill!  Good News: the Weather Channel is predicting temps up around 40F, so as long as I keep the grill out of the wind and turned up a bit higher than normal, it should work fine.  There’s always the option to finish them by oven-braising if necessary.

*      *      *

The coconut milk mint-chip ice cream batter is an experiment.  I haven’t made this flavor at home before.  I’ve done vanilla bean, chocolate fudge, cherry cheesecake and a few others, but we’ve been on a So Delicious Mint Chip kick (well, more like a bender…) lately, and I just can’t justify spending so much on a tiny pint.  Time to put my Kitchen Aid mixer (with ice cream attachment) to good use.  So here we go:

Coconut Milk Mint-Chip Frozen Dessert

1 can coconut milk
1/2 cup sweetener
2 tsp mint flavoring
2 tsp vanilla bean paste
1 tsp Taza chocolate extract
1 tbsp gelatin (optional)
1/4 cup mini-chips

(Recipe can be doubled)

If using a dry sweetener and/or gelatin, heat all ingredients except the chips in saucepan until dissolved.  Cool, then stir in chips.  Chill and prepare per ice cream maker instructions (or pour into BellyFULL silicone pop molds and freeze.)

If using a liquid sweetener, combine all ingredients except chips with a hand blender or mixer until smooth.  Stir in chips, chill and follow instructions above.

Enjoy – no matter what the weather!

porch fridge 04-19-2013a