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Happy Thanksgiving!

Gratitude is the key to happiness.
So take time today to reflect on all the Blessings in your lives and be content.

Ferndale turkeys

Many Thanks to Ferndale Farms for our turkey!

Turkey 1

This is one time it really pays to save all those bacon drippings!
Brush the bird with melted bacon fat for moist meat and crispy skin!

We are waiting for this lovely 14lb local pastured bird to roast, playing with Legos and preparing our son’s Family History display for his Window Week at school.

Turkey 4

Almost done!
Well, with the main cooking part anyway. Still has to rest/brown/rest again per America’s Test Kitchen.

My mouth is watering – this turkey smells soo good!  Ferndale Farms turkeys are the tastiest – a very special holiday treat.  This yummy bird will be accompanied by some fresh salad, garnet yams, acorn squash, bacon green beans w/mushrooms & onions, Paleo dough rolls and followed by pumpkin pie custard.  Mmm…


The Aftermath:

Aftermath 2

Debone the carcass after it has cooled, wearing disposable gloves.  All set for soup!
*Note to Self: next time search harder for the giblet bag whilst prepping the bird…

The Paleo pets got in on the action too, feasting on crispy skin and deboned turkey meat.

*whisker-lickin’ good!*

So full.  Dessert has to come later…

pumpkin custard 1

Pumpkin custard – the pie without the crust. Who actually eats the crust anyway?!

A wonderful feast with a wonderful family.  We are so Blessed.

Spend this day with your Tribe – NOT shopping!  We never seem to get enough time with loved ones as it is.  Let’s not destroy this beautiful tradition by making so many people leave their family celebrations to work or spend money.  

When our time comes, what will we remember?  Surely not the working or shopping.
It will be these days where we come together and honor tradition(s) and each other. 

no shopping Thxgvg

Caveman Feast App now in Android

Just received an email this morning from Abel James that the Caveman Feast app is now available in Android.


You best believe I downloaded that thing promptly.  Good stuff!

caveman feast app

No affiliate link here.
I just love these guys and the food they make. 😀

Apple Pie Gummi Snax

Gummi Snax are a tasty way to get more gelatin into your diet.
We love them in lemon-limeconcord grape and now APPLE PIE!

We all know by now (don’t we?!) that gelatin is a wonder-food, providing proteins like collagen and glycine to nourish the tissues in our body – everything from bones, cartilage and muscle to skin, hair and nails.  Most importantly, it provides the building blocks to heal, seal and strengthen our gut!

For real apple pie flavor, start with a can of:

Apple Pie Gummies 1

Cascadian Farm Organic Apple Juice (frozen concentrate)

[1 can = 1 1/2 cups (thawed) Organic Apple Juice concentrate]
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 cup Great Lakes grassfed beef gelatin

Pour the thawed apple juice into a saucepan.

Whisk in cinnamon.

Sprinkle gelatin into juice and allow to “bloom” (just a fancy term for allowing it to moisten and absorb the juice) for about 5 minutes.  Do not skip this step or it will clump!

Once all the gelatin is moistened, heat on medium-low and stir occasionally until all the gelatin is dissolved.  Pour liquid into silicone molds or a glass baking dish and place in refrigerator for at least 3 hours until gelatin is very firm.

Pop out of the molds, into a container and keep refrigerated.  Yummy!

Apple Pie Gummies 2

Curcurbit Crazy at Pumpkin Palooza!

pumpkin shed 2013

Hey, Paleo peeps – we are in business now! Check out all of these gorgeous pumpkins.
Perfect for all our favorite Fall Pumpkin recipes and more!

The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum hosts a Pumpkin Palooza every Fall.

The varieties of squash and pumpkin are AMAZING!  Check out these pix!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And it just wouldn’t be Fall without our favorite pumpkin recipes!

Use George’s Banana Bread recipe and substitute roasted pumpkin for the banana!  YUM!

Pumpkin is George’s favorite!  Here are a bunch of his (Caveman) Curcurbit Creations!
He’s got meats, treats and beverages galore.  Pumpkin Lattes or Smoothies, anyone? 

Get his very special Paleo Pumpkin Thanksgiving eBook FREE with the purchase of his Caveman Feast recipe eBook.  I have used them both, and they are fantastic!  His pumpkin collection includes both sweet and savory (red: meat!) recipes.  Link also at right ===>

Another favorite of mine is PUMPKIN CUSTARD.  I have made several variations of this treat.
My favorite is made with just the egg yolks, no whites (in this recipe, substitute about 6 egg yolks for the 3 eggs plus 1 yolk) and use just the separated coconut milk cream (chill the can to separate) instead of straight coconut milk.  I like the true flavor of pumpkin to shine through, so I limit my spices to cinnamon and vanilla bean paste.  

And of course, we can’t forget the roasted pumpkin seeds!
The Paleo Parents Matt and Stacey have us covered there!

Enjoy the Fall Fun while it lasts!  We’ve already had a few snowflakes fall here in Minnesota!

Pain Paste is Good for Dogs Too!

hat 2

Our 14-year old Labrador Delenn has severe arthritis.  Her range of motion is limited and she is often stiff in the mornings and struggles to get up and down.  The vet has her on doggie NSAIDs, but lately I sense it’s not enough.

Out of curiosity, I researched the safety of medicinal herbs and spices for dogs online.
It turns out that cinnamon, turmeric and ginger are all safe for dogs!

So we tried adding a dose of my pain paste capsules to her food.
I had just made a batch and had plenty on hand.

Birthday Food 048

Definitely wear gloves and use table covering when handling turmeric – it stains everything!

She ate them up along with her other medications (for heart murmur) that I embed in a small spoonful of bacon fat and add to her grain-free kibble.

A half hour later she’s napping peacefully without panting, snoring or twitching.  Wow.

I am so glad this helps her!  She’s on the maximum safe dosage for her Rimadyl already and she refuses to take the Tramadol, which used to help. (She will eat all the bacon fat and somehow manage to spit out just the Tramadol tablet!). 

Now she’s a happy dog.

Delenn's Birthday 006

School Lunches for Paleo Kids

Laptop Lunch Kit

We love our Laptop Lunches kits! No baggies required.

So how many of you have run out of lunchbox ideas for your kid(s) already?  Me too.
We brought our best the first few weeks of school, but then the enthusiasm waned.

Already made the taco pockets, beef stew, banana bread and caveman crack.  What’s next?  

My son’s class is nut-free due to allergies, which limits those options.  I’ve been using the old stand-bys of burger patties, grilled chicken thighs, grass-fed beef hot dogs and turkey rollups along with veggies and fruits.  Time to fire up the imagination and get creative again.  That’s hard once we get into a routine…

So, some ideas using Tara’s Paleo Magic Wonder Dough:

taco pockets with salsa or guacamole
pizza pockets with marinara
burger pockets with ketchup
apple pie pockets with cinnamon
other fruit pockets
paleo dough buns on the side…

The variations on taco pockets are like a mini-sandwich of sorts – fun finger food that’s perfect for the lunchbox.  Only problem I’ve had is that they’re so yummy they don’t make it to the lunchbox the next morning – so make plenty of extras!

Let’s compile a list of Paleo Kids lunch ideas to share in the Comments!

Mother Nature Flipped the Switch

Mother Nature has flipped the switch from Summer to Fall here in Minnesota.
It’s a cool rainy day, so it’s the perfect time to work in the kitchen!

Fall is time for soup!  And every good soup starts with stock packed with flavor and nutrition.  Meat stock a.k.a. bone broth is truly a healing super-food and should be part of everyone’s repertoire.  I drink a half cup for breakfast nearly every day and feel incomplete without it.

It’s the secret ingredient to an awesome beef stew – the gelatin in the broth gives the sauce that silky, satisfying texture.  Mmm…beef stew…*drool*…  Better get started!

List for today:

Beef Stock (Bone Broth)
Hamburger Patties
Beef Roast
Vegetable Beef Stew
Acorn Squash

Advance prep for the week’s meals makes life easier, especially for lunches away from home at work and school.  And dinner is on the table and into our hungry tummies much faster.


I bake my bacon. Get the Coleman 3-packs from Costco, and a whole box fits in the oven at once (on 3 trays).
Put it in the fridge and there’s always bacon at the ready!


My co-op had the BIGGEST leeks I have ever seen – I just had to get them!


Low and Slow: a rump roast and beef stew with carrots, celery, mushrooms, onions, bok choy, sweet potato and LOTS of leeks! After 4 hours at 250F the meat is so tender you can cut it with a SPOON.

My reward at dinner time:  *beef bliss*

Beef 2