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Insatiable Appetite


Up until this weekend, my appetite has been pretty normal.  As a Paleo eater, it wasn’t unusual to do an occasional IF (intermittent fast) just because I wasn’t hungry.  Eating nutrient-dense foods tends to keep food volume consumption down and hunger at bay.

So I have found my sudden, ravenous hunger rather annoying.  To make things worse, my body doesn’t seem to want to digest food properly, causing much distress.  It’s enough to make anyone cranky.

So why is it that family members must tempt the beast by demanding the rest of what I am eating?  Really.  Whatever I have, they want – all of it.  This could get dangerous!  They took my eggs, sardines, dill pickles and mint chip (coconut milk) ice cream.  I was shocked at their insistence and greed.  Of course, they haven’t seen anything yet – at least my son hasn’t.  Hubbs vaguely remembers what it was like when I was pregnant with said son nine years ago.  And he still took my food.  Oy.

I tell you, I almost cried when my son snatched the last of my mint chip “ice cream”.  *sob*  Geez, do I have to start hiding food now?  Best not come to that…  *ROAR!!*

Pickles & Ice Cream

Discovered Bubbies Kosher Dill pickles Friday. Whoo! They are really strong, but oh so good!  Turns out they are a very effective digestive aid, which I really need right now.  My son went bonkers for them and finished off the jar, sending me back to the store.  He also ate all of my So Delicious Mint Chip…

At the checkout, it dawned on me that I was buying the stereotypical pregnancy crave: pickles and ice cream!  Hahahahaha!   Well, at least I don’t plan to eat them together.  I was very relieved that the checkout clerk didn’t notice and chuckled to myself… Hey, there’s a blog post in there somewhere!  😉

prod_pure_kosher_dills_lg  coco-ice-mint-chip

FYI: Bubbies are traditionally lacto-fermented, rich in nutrients and probiotics!

Must Be Dairy-Free

As I read all of these books about traditional fertility and pregnancy diets, consumption of butter and cream is almost universally recommended.  Hmm…but I’ve got autoimmune issues – thyroid and celiac – and Robb Wolf recommends no dairy due to probable cross-reactivity… but then again, you never know for sure until you try reintroducing it.

I have had almost no dairy for a year now, and decided to try some organic cultured butter and (whipped) heavy cream yesterday.  It was tasty!  Had some Paleo Banana Bread with both on top!  Man, do I miss real whole butter.  I wondered: so many people on the forums insist there are only traces of casein and some with autoimmune disorders swear they have no problem with it.  Would I?

Oh yes, I would.  Mr. Wolf was most definitely right on the money.  Those of us with autoimmune issues should just back away from the butter – and the cream.  And the ghee – although I admit I do eat that occasionally with no palpable adverse effects.

Woke up this morning with snapping joints, ringing ears, congestion and acne.  I also had a strange itchiness along my left forearm.  *sigh*  Bye-bye butter and cream (again). *wave* *sniff*

pasture butter  cream 2


YES+: True Testament to the Healing Power of Paleo

Lee's Anniversary Gift

My husband’s 14th Anniversary Gift – exactly what he’s always wanted.

An incredible testament to the power of the Paleo lifestyle to heal, regenerate and literally turn back the clock if ever there was!  At the age of 45 I now find myself pregnant. While it was a surprise, it was very welcome.  My husband and I always wanted another child but did not think it possible, given my health issues.  After a miscarriage and an ectopic pregnancy that nearly claimed my life, we had our son – a miracle.  And now God has granted us another, nine years later.

Truly a miracle!  Considering that a woman over 43 has only a 1% chance of conceiving, and I am missing a tube due to surgical removal of the ectopic pregnancy – that’s about a half percent chance of conceiving a child.  And it happened for me.

Now, the OB-GYN was far less excited than my husband, and pointed out that there was a 50-70% chance of miscarriage.  (Talk about a downer!)  But we have successfully reached a very big milestone.  The ultrasound today confirmed a heartbeat and proper growth.

I had been “holding my breath” in fear and avoided sharing the news because it didn’t feel real.  Well, the cat’s out of the bag now, come what may.  I hope sharing this story will give hope to others struggling with infertility.  With proper nutrition, almost anything is possible!

As you can imagine, my days have been filled with reading nearly every Paleo pregnancy guide and blog experience out there, and the anecdotal evidence is encouraging.  I’ve discovered a number of Paleo women who have given birth in their 40’s with minimal or no complications.  Many had children before going Paleo, and the experiences were radically different.  (Much like them) with my first child, I was very ill from moment #1, suffered significant weight gain and delivery complications.  So far, I’ve felt normal except for some digestive upset early on and tiredness this week.

Over the past year and a half I focused on healing my body from autoimmune disorders (thyroid and celiac) by focusing on eating nutrient-dense foods while avoiding the non-Paleo (sugars, grains, legumes and dairy).  I’ve mentioned my consumption of bone broths, fermented cod liver oil/high vitamin butter oil and bone marrow in my posts.  These foods are also considered traditional fertility foods – and fertile they are, my friends!  Building healthy gut flora via probiotics and fermented foods was a simultaneous priority, as was eliminating environmental toxins as much as possible.

My fear has now given way to excitement and anticipation.  Baby is due to arrive around October 19th.  My husband is convinced it is a girl, but only time will tell.  For now, Mommy, Daddy and Big Brother-to-Be are all happy and well.  Follow along on our journey.

Baby 02-28-2013b_edited-1