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It’s No Contest

A couple weeks ago I bought some Gedney Babies pickles at Costco.
Gluten-free and cheap…what a deal!  Uh, no – not really.  Turns out that none of us like them anymore.  Back in the day, they were our favorites, but since we’ve discovered Bubbies Kosher Dills, Gedney is history.

Bubbies are traditionally lacto-fermented, containing live probiotics.
The others have white (grain) vinegar and “natural flavor”.  What does that mean, anyway?!

And Bubbies have an intense, sour flavor that is sooo addicting!  You can’t eat just one.
The smell alone is enough to make you drool.  Mmm...  *salivating*

pickles 2

No contest: Bubbies WINS!

Obviously, our family prefers the Bubbies – the jar is nearly empty after one day (while the Gedneys have been in the fridge a couple weeks).  Sorry Babies, but it’s the trash for you.

REAL food rules!

pickles 1

Note the cloudy liquid in the Bubbies jar – that’s live probiotic culture so good for our digestion and immunity!

Pickles & Ice Cream

Discovered Bubbies Kosher Dill pickles Friday. Whoo! They are really strong, but oh so good!  Turns out they are a very effective digestive aid, which I really need right now.  My son went bonkers for them and finished off the jar, sending me back to the store.  He also ate all of my So Delicious Mint Chip…

At the checkout, it dawned on me that I was buying the stereotypical pregnancy crave: pickles and ice cream!  Hahahahaha!   Well, at least I don’t plan to eat them together.  I was very relieved that the checkout clerk didn’t notice and chuckled to myself… Hey, there’s a blog post in there somewhere!  😉

prod_pure_kosher_dills_lg  coco-ice-mint-chip

FYI: Bubbies are traditionally lacto-fermented, rich in nutrients and probiotics!