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Hobbit Hole (Nature Play)

Arb Hobbit Hole

This willow structure reminds me of a Hobbit Hole

School is finally out!  Time to enjoy the beautiful weather – outside!

Alex and I ventured out to the Arboretum to see the Butterfly Exhibit and search for Father’s Day (gifts) at the gift shop.  The butterflies were very friendly and landed on us, but would not stand for having their pictures taken!  (Hence, no photos of butterflies on our heads, hands and shoulders.)

One of Alex’s favorite things at the Arboretum is the Nature Play area under a huge shade tree.  Complete with tunnels, forts, pinecone doll house and even a “kitchen sink”, it definitely sparks the imagination!

Arb 002

Nature Play Area at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum – Chanhassen, MN

Arb 003

Arb 006

King of the Forest

Arb 007

Bear Den?

What a great place for kids to get some sun, fresh air, and re-energize.
More playgrounds should look like this!

Happy Autumn: the First Day of my Favorite Season

I probably should have been working, but the weather was just too perfect – sunny and cool.
Besides, the internet kept cutting out on me.  Read it as a SIGN to get outside!

The annual scarecrow exhibit at the MN Landscape Arboretum opened yesterday.  It’s been one of our favorite events through the years, so we headed over to see the entrants and walk the gardens.  This year “natural materials” were required for scarecrow construction.

Every year my husband carries on about how we should make one.  Until this year, we missed the registration dates.  This time I made sure I got the registration form and schedule ahead of time, but to no avail.  He did not pay attention.  Another opportunity missed. *sigh*

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Alex and I walked the gardens and took photos of all the scarecrows, which sadly numbered fewer than in the past.  The mums and other fall flowers were still in bloom and the fresh-cut grass smelled fantastic.  We took a break at the waterfall and visited the gift shop.  They had a 2013 stash of my favorite Ames Farm single-source raw honey in sweet clover – SCORE!

Scarecrows at Arb 037

Resting at the waterfall

Alex loves playing in the Learning Center’s Natural Play area, so we went over.

Scarecrows at Arb 055

The pinecone dollhouse

We finished our excursion with a trip to the Arboreteum’s Apple House and selected two varieties of Minnesota apples to take home for lunchboxes, along with a half-gallon of fresh-pressed cider.  

I love Autumn/Fall: the cooler weather for walking, the changing colors, the fashion, the comfort foods…pumpkins…  too bad it doesn’t last longer.

We just have to enjoy it while we can!