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Time to Organize the Kids for Summer!

The Limited Edition Camp Combo Pack!  For all the stuff kids (and parents) lose!

I’ve been using these labels for years on everything we might lose away from home. They’re awesome.

Summer is just around the corner, and for many big kids that means summer camp!
Mabel’s Labels wants to help ensure that your kids have a fun-filled, worry-free time at camp, which is why they decided to bring back their Limited Edition Camp Combo!

This camp combo value pack is full of different labels and tags that will help every camper keep track of their gear, so they can focus more on roasting marshmallows, learning new songs, and making new friends instead of trying to find their stuff! The collection of labels in the Camp Combo are:

  • dishwasher safe
  • laundry safe
  • microwave safe
  • UV resistant

This makes them perfect for swimwear, toothbrushes, sleeping bags, clothing, goggles, iPods, cameras, phones, decks of cards, flashlights, and more! These labels also have fun new icons, such as sailboats, raccoons, and flip-flops. And get this! Mabel’s Labels even includes a set of five fun postcards so kids can keep in touch the “old-fashioned way”.

The Camp Combo is available until 7/31/2015. There’s also early bird pricing through April 30 for just $35.95 (10% off regular $39.95)!

The Limited Edition Camp Combo includes:

  • 10 Sticky Labels
  • 24 Skinny-Minis™
  • 50 Tag Mates™
  • 8 Shoe Labels
  • 2 Bag Tags

The Camp Combo also comes with a choice of 3 solid palettes or 40+ multi-coloured designs, including 5 new limited edition motifs. Shop Now >>

As always, remember – Mabel’s Labels offers free shipping to the US on all orders!

Time to Organize the Baby and Toddler Gear!

The New Baby Combo Pack!  For all the baby and toddler gear kids (and parents) lose!

I’ve been using these labels for years on everything we might lose away from home. They’re awesome.

While Mabel’s Labels can’t give new parents more sleep, their new Baby Combo pack will definitely help make their life easier. The super cute labels and tags in this collection are UV resistant and waterproof, so they’re perfect for everything from diaper bags, bottles, and binkies, to car seats, onesies, booties, and blankets. Their durability and multi-purpose use makes them a perfect baby shower gift!

Included in the new Baby Combo Pack are:

  • 15 Sticky Labels (dishwasher/microwave safe and UV resistant)
  • 16 Skinny-Minis™ (dishwasher/microwave safe and UV resistant)
  • 2 Shoe Labels (waterproof and UV resistant)
  • 21 Tag-Mates™ (laundry safe and UV resistant)
  • 2 Bag Tags (waterproof and UV resistant)

The Baby Combo also comes with a choice of 4 exclusive solid palettes or 40+ multi-coloured designs, including 2 brand new motifs. Get yours today >>

As always, remember – Mabel’s Labels offers free shipping to the US on all orders!

Getting Organized in the New Year

Every January, resolutions are made to get organized.

Books and blogs are read.  Lists are made.
Pinterest boards are updated.   We dream.
Donations get sorted and sent away.
Stores have entire departments devoted to tubs, baskets, bags and more.

Feeling guilty yet?  Me too.

I’m in hibernation mode and probably will not begin these activities until it’s time for Spring cleaning, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be prepared when the mood strikes.

One of my favorite tools for keeping (and retrieving the lost!) things is Mabel’s Label’s.  I’ve been using their products for at least 5 years now and love them.  They are cute, durable and functional.  A must for children’s items!  [Lost mittens are the scourge of Minnesota parents!]  Mabel makes Waterproof, UV-resistant labels for just about everything:

  • Clothing/Shoes (special kits for Preschoolers and Seniors)
  • Sports Equipment and Bags
  • Allergy Alerts and Safety ID bracelets
  • Books, Bins, Canisters, Classroom and Craft Supplies
  • Kitchen and Garage
  • Write-On/Wipe-Off
  • QR Barcode Storage

I recently reviewed my label supply and ordered a few items we were out of.  No surprise we needed more Tag Mates™ for my son (he’s growing again!) and Skinny Minis™ for all the new Christmas gift items he carries with him (books, toys, etc.)

Just looking at all these useful products is inspirational.  Let’s take a peek!

family organized

Simplify Your Life

A New Year always sparks conversations about renewal – out with the old and in with the new, etc.  Simplifying, decluttering and organizing resolutions abound.  It reminds me to go back to the basics.

I found this scrapbook page describing one of my favorite books, Simplify Your Life by Elaine St. James.  I like to read it at the start of each new year, serving as a reminder to be ever vigilant.  While I no longer eat oat bran, many of the ideas in this book are as valid today as they were when it was written in 1994.  (I also love Peter Walsh and his book It’s All Too Much! and the corresponding workbook.)

scrapbook page - SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE

2012 got away from me a bit in terms of organization and process.  I have not been as watchful of clutter buildup and waste.  My wardrobe seems to be the only part of the household that IS still minimal since I went down four sizes and had to replace my wardrobe as many times.  Having a family compounds the material challenge of leading a simple life – not everyone is wiling to let go of things they no longer use!  [I’ve considered myself an “Unclutterer” for many years now, and am a fan of the blog by the same name.]

The biggest challenge to order in our house is Legos, Legos and MORE Legos!  They are impossible to contain.  Aah!  They might be the best toy ever, but they are a housekeeper’s nemesis!

own less

Enter Paleo Lifestyle Magazine (January 2013), publishing an interview with Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist.  [It is now one of my favorite blogs!]  His story reminded me of my core values and has inspired me once more.  Too much stuff gets in the way of life and drains energy.

So, in the interest of getting back to basics this year, our family will be doing some serious, long-overdue decluttering.  My son just grew into the next size of clothing and I have already sorted out his clothing and prepared donations.  I think our biggest challenge will be the toys that have built up over the past year or so.  I’ll have to think about how to manage that process to minimize resistance.

The first step in the process is determining how we envision our living spaces and functions.

We recently had some water damage repair completed in the basement, resulting in new paint and flooring.  Time to change it up and re-purpose the space.  It was my son’s “run around and get crazy” room in his toddler years, but now that he’s eight, it makes more sense to turn it into a Lego building studio.  Biggest benefit?  Mama doesn’t have to LOOK at that mess of bricks every day!

Prepare for the domino-effect!

Garage and shed sorting are on the calendar for Spring.  Right now we are frozen under a sheet of ice, so it’s not practical to tackle it yet.

My goal is to focus on intentional living in our space.  Everything has a purpose and a place.  Some of Joshua’s posts have given me new perspective and I plan to refresh my memory on the principles of Feng Shui and Ayurvedic traditions for further guidance.  We’ll take it one space at a time so it isn’t overwhelming.  Every journey begins with a single step, right?

Are you going back to basics?  What are your desired outcomes for 2013?  Your plan?