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Snow Day!

Snow 03-05-2013 006

Yeah, we got this! We’re tough Minnesotans, born and raised!

We got nearly a foot of snow here in Minnesota and Eden Prairie Schools declared the first Snow Day in years.  This is the kind of snow we’re used to.  We’ve been spoiled this winter, with little accumulation and slippery stuff.  The neighborhood kids had fun sledding, as the temperature was up near freezing and the sun shining.

Snow 03-05-2013 009

This is what a foot of snow turns into after the plow goes by.

Last Fall I offered to get my husband a snowblower for his birthday, but in usual frugal fashion, he declined.  In exchange, he gets quite the workout on days like today.  No doubt, he’ll be sore tomorrow.  And yes, I did help him a bit despite my “delicate” condition.  I needed to get some exercise too.   I just didn’t overdo it.  Ok, life goes back to normal now…

Snow 03-05-2013 008