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Captain Caveman: My Hero!

Happiest 43rd Birthday to my wonderful Husband!

Heroes 2

Even without the costume, you are our Hero!

He’s supported us through it all: in sickness and in health.
Despite his skepticism, he went along with the “Paleo Thing” to help me heal,
and then discovered how good it made him look and feel.

Now he tells anyone who will listen that Paleo is the way to go
if you want to be happy, healthy and hot!  LOL  Go Captain Caveman!

Here’s to many more years together.  Luv U!

It All Started 18 Years Ago Today…

On this day in 1995 I met my husband at a friend’s wedding.
Who knew it would lead us to this?

Lund 20a

We were introduced at a friend’s wedding reception and got together despite the long distance.  In a few months’ time, he moved, and 3 1/2 years later we were married ourselves.

Wedding 009

Valentine’s Day Wedding 1999

Happy Anniversary, Love!

Returning to “Normal”

faith hope love rocks 2

Life is slowly getting back on track.
Much love and many thanks to family and friends for all their love and support.

It just takes time and placing one foot in front of the other each day.

During times of trial, self-care is more important than ever.  My family and I have been very conscious of maintaining as much positive routine as possible, with an emphasis on adequate sleep and solid nutrition.  When grieving, it’s so easy to neglect mealtimes and take the easy way out (= takeout).  A concerted effort to have family mealtimes has kept us close, well-nourished and healthy.

We continue to have faith, hope and love for each other.  We wish you all the same.