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Happy Thanksgiving!

Gratitude is the key to happiness.
So take time today to reflect on all the Blessings in your lives and be content.

Ferndale turkeys

Many Thanks to Ferndale Farms for our turkey!

Turkey 1

This is one time it really pays to save all those bacon drippings!
Brush the bird with melted bacon fat for moist meat and crispy skin!

We are waiting for this lovely 14lb local pastured bird to roast, playing with Legos and preparing our son’s Family History display for his Window Week at school.

Turkey 4

Almost done!
Well, with the main cooking part anyway. Still has to rest/brown/rest again per America’s Test Kitchen.

My mouth is watering – this turkey smells soo good!  Ferndale Farms turkeys are the tastiest – a very special holiday treat.  This yummy bird will be accompanied by some fresh salad, garnet yams, acorn squash, bacon green beans w/mushrooms & onions, Paleo dough rolls and followed by pumpkin pie custard.  Mmm…


The Aftermath:

Aftermath 2

Debone the carcass after it has cooled, wearing disposable gloves.  All set for soup!
*Note to Self: next time search harder for the giblet bag whilst prepping the bird…

The Paleo pets got in on the action too, feasting on crispy skin and deboned turkey meat.

*whisker-lickin’ good!*

So full.  Dessert has to come later…

pumpkin custard 1

Pumpkin custard – the pie without the crust. Who actually eats the crust anyway?!

A wonderful feast with a wonderful family.  We are so Blessed.

Spend this day with your Tribe – NOT shopping!  We never seem to get enough time with loved ones as it is.  Let’s not destroy this beautiful tradition by making so many people leave their family celebrations to work or spend money.  

When our time comes, what will we remember?  Surely not the working or shopping.
It will be these days where we come together and honor tradition(s) and each other. 

no shopping Thxgvg

Happy Halloween!

Halloween 2008a

Raven posing with the Pumpkin treat-or-treat bag

Happy Halloween!  This is a fun holiday for kids, as they can pretend to be anything.
(Not that they can’t do that any other time of year, but the costumes are better!)

When I was a kid, it was all about the candy.  Still is for most kids, I think – which is of concern to health-conscious parents like me.  What to do?

In past years our son would go trick-or-treating and bring home lots of junk.  We would sort out a few of the less yukky treats for him to eat and then offered him money for rest – a trade he happily made.  Said treats then went to Hubby’s office or the trash.  The boy got to have fun going around the neighborhood with his friends, participating in the fun without the sugar-coma consequences.

Other strategies to distract from the candy-coma frightfulness:

Focus on the costumes.

Make homemade Paleo-ized treats.  Less yukky stuff.
There might be some sugar – but not the chemicals, colorants, gluten and other nasties.

We made some copycat tootsie rolls from the Paleo Parents Halloween Round-Up.
Also enjoying some of the lollipops we’re handing out to the Trick-or-Treaters.


Play some music and have a dance party.



“It’s just a Thriller!”…
(click to see the video – it’s hilarious!)


Labor Day

Time to remember all our forbears’ hard work – and put some meat on the heat!

Labor Day


A chilly 60F this Labor Day in MN.  School starts tomorrow.
So much for the last beach party of the summer…cancel that. It’s sweater season today.

National Dog Day

Apparently I’m late to the party, ’cause yesterday was National Dog Day!  I love my pooch.  She’s coming up on 14 years of age in September.  She loves walking with me.  She sets the pace: sniffing and doing her dog thang.

It's a great day to be a dog.

It’s a great day to be a dog.

To celebrate, Delenn actually did something extremely UNcharacteristic:

dog poop

Yup. It happened right in the middle of my kitchen floor. We couldn’t believe it.

Must be the extreme heat and humidity – kinda like how she hates being rained on.  She’s a water dog and will jump into any body of water available, but hates being spritzed or rained on.  Go figure.

Anyhoo, happy belated National Dog Day!  *Woof!*

Paleo Treats: Sweets for the Sweet

Valentine’s Day is coming fast – don’t be caught unprepared!  If there is one holiday that is associated with chocolate, this it it.  Don’t fancy chocolates?  Paleo Treats has nut butter and coconut options too.  So treat your loved one(s) right with these incredible morsels – all the goodness without the garbage!

Looking for a delicious Paleo dessert?

Founded in 2009, we strive to make the best Paleo Treats™ on the planet. We hold taste and ingredients in equally high regard. All our paleo foods are handmade, with a limited shelf life, like real food is meant to be.

No gluten — No grain — No dairy!


With the Build-A-Box option, create your own delicious combination of these four treats!
Paleo Treats guarantees your 100% satisfaction.  Order your own treats HERE or by clicking the images in this post and automatically receive 5% off your order!

I have a box en route filled with a selection of Brownie Bombs, Mac Attacks and Mustang Bars.  (I would have ordered all four choices, but goji berries are nightshades and must be avoided due to my autoimmunity issues.)  Valentine’s Day is our 14th Wedding Anniversary, and an extra-special day should be commemorated with an extra-special meal and dessert.  I believe the Brownie Bombs will be very fitting indeed.

Customer Service at Paleo Treats is outstanding.  I got a phone call from Nik shortly after placing my order, informing me of Mustang Bar availability.  They bake all of their products in small batches, ensuring they come to you FRESH.  He wanted to be sure I was OK waiting for the next run to be ready before shipping the box (only another day) – or did I need those Brownie Bombs and Mac Attacks immediately?  

It’s hard to delay gratification, but these ARE worth the wait.

But order yours NOW to ensure delivery in time for Valentine’s Day!  Enjoy!


A (Paleo) Christmas Feast

XMAS 023a

A rich, savory, super-tender meal of Boeuf Bourguignon a la Julia Child for Christmas Day.

I’ve made this dish before.  Before Paleo.

This time was not much different except the substitution of arrowroot starch for the flour and adding carrots and celery to the basic recipe of mushrooms, onions and bacon – and ruby port in place of chianti.  Freshly simmered beef stock was at the ready to make the perfect sauce.  5 lbs of (cubed) grass-fed chuck roast is the star of this dish.  And after low, slow-baking in cast iron for 3+ hours, it was so tender you could cut it with a spoon.

This was one of those special meals that is so good, nobody  speaks.  Everyone just chews in bliss – smiling, eyes half-closed.

Baked sweet potatoes were offered on the side.  Said tubers are cooling for the fridge, left in favor of more silky beef goodness.

No one had room for dessert, either.  It doesn’t get much better than this.

Merry Christmas, Everybody!  Wishing you all a Happy Holiday and looking forward to a New Year filled with Health, Wealth and Happiness!


XMAS 030

Love my LoveBean Fudge!

Do you ever wish you could find a satisfying, indulgent, yet guilt-free (primal) chocolate product?  Your wish is our command!

The taste, consistency and texture of the inside of a chocolate truffle candy – in a jar. 

Made only from cocoa and coconut ingredients, this low-glycemic treat really hits the spot when that chocolate craving hits.  I keep a jar of this in my cupboard at all times and use it any way I’d use chocolate: as a syrup (warmed/melted), nutella-style spread, frosting, or “straight” with a spoon (my favorite!) 😀

I featured this in my “12 (Paleo) Days of Christmas” post last week as [#4] jars of LoveBean.  I chose the fourth day of Christmas because you get free shipping with the purchase of 4 or more jars of this heavenly goodness.

Also an excellent item for stocking stuffers, gift baskets or hostess gifts all year-round.  Everyone loves chocolate!

Click the link on the right side of this page to get your very own jar(s) and support Pamela’s Paleo Life blog efforts.  Thank You and Happy Holidays!

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