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Lost in the Polar Vortex


Sorry for the recent radio silence.  I have been hibernating.  Seriously.

According to the Winter Misery Index, we have had the worst winter in 30 years.
It has been brutal.  My brain has been frozen and dormant.  BUT Spring is peeking through the and melting the snow and ice, so it’s time to revive and get back to the business of living.



Early Hibernation

It’s been a week of -20F windchills here in Minnesota and it’s gotten really old, really fast.
It’s just too early in the season for this nonsense!  Total shock to the system.

Frozen 2

Yeah, it’s like being caught by this guy.

We’ve had to venture out for school and shopping.  There was a class presentation.  The Birthday celebration(s) required food and decorations.  Visiting friends to save the sanity.

So, we bundled up in our LLBean parkas and boots (rated to -50F) and got reaquainted with winter skills, such as using keys and driving with thick gloves on and navigating parking lots while blinded by a fur-trimmed hood.  Lucky for the kiddo, the schools had indoor recess to spare them from certain frostbite.  [Exposed skin can freeze within 5 minutes in subzero temperatures – something you should know if you venture to the tundra!]


Black ice added to the stress and danger of driving – in addition to 2″ ice sheets already on some roads.  The black ice is worse, since it’s invisible.  It forms when moisture (car exhaust) comes in contact with the frozen ground.  Salt doesn’t work when it gets this cold.

Frozen 1


Well, today I decided to just stay put and work at home.  The day started with loads of laundry, then roasting bones and veggies for beef stock.  Once that was on the simmer and a fresh pot of tea on the burner, I set to writing.  So here I am, NOT leaving the house today except to get the mail.  Maybe.

Frozen 4