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Where’s the Beef?

Do you have a source of quality grass-fed beef?  I highly recommend it, both for its taste and nutrition.  Find a provider near you with the Eat Wild website.  It is usually more cost-effective to buy in bulk than by the package at your regular co-op or grocery store.

We are down to 2 lbs of hamburger, 2 roasts and 2 filets, so I’m off to Edina to pick up another 1/8 cow from the Grassfed Cattle Company.  This portion of beef usually lasts our family of three about 3-4 months.

I recently tried my hand at homemade beef jerky, using an Inside Skirt cut, with the recipe on p.45 of the eBook, Eating Out and Traveling on the Paleo Diet.  I added some gluten-free Worstershire sauce (since I had it in the fridge) which added a bit of teriyaki-like tang to the final product.

Jerky 2

It turned out OK.  I would like it saltier and more savory, but it worked.  Very chewy.
I will have to adjust the marinade next time.  Being gluten-free is a bit more challenging than just buying a seasoning packet!  I cannot eat nightshades due to my autoimmunity issues, so I have a terrible time finding dried meats I can eat as virtually all of them contain red pepper or paprika.

Jerky 3

I was able to fit 3 lbs of meat into this standard Nesco Dehydrator.  I was worried about sticking and clean-up, but it was not an issue.  The finished jerky released easily and the trays are dishwasher safe.  I plan to do it again soon with different cuts of beef.

*nom nom nom*  😀