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I Will Not Be Pink-Washed

pink ribbon_100-dollar-bills

I will not be Pinkwashed.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Cancer is a tragedy and my heart aches for its victims.  [We’ve lost two in the family to esophageal and lung cancer(s) this year.]

Cancer is also preventable and treatable – something the pink pushers would like to ignore.

I agree with the author of this article.  This exploitation of breast cancer as a cause has become a huge money maker.  It seems everyone wants in on the ruse.  Perusing Facebook today and encountered another article, this one posted by Primal Docs.

I do not purchase items simply because they support the pink ribbon.  I make my purchase decisions based upon whether the product is of quality and promotes healthy lifestyle – as defined by Paleo/Primal criteria!  I worked for marketing/advertising agencies for 5+ years and learned many tricks of the trade and I believe that helps me avoid some of them now.  Two of the biggest tactics used are the emotional response to the tragedy of cancer and the desire to do anything to help; and the affiliation herding (or groupthink) –  that feeling of belonging through purchase.

I encourage everyone to think carefully about the “awareness” and charitable campaigns they support.  Research the organization’s efforts and spending.  What do they really accomplish and support?  Health and longevity or profits?  I for one will NOT be Pinkwashed!


As a side note: one of the key chemical contributors to breast cancer are parabens.  Parabens are a group of cosmetic preservatives that mimic estrogen.  Studies in the UK have found at least 6 varieties of parabens in all breast cancer tumors tested.  Look for the “-paraben” on the ingredient label of cosmetics and personal care products and avoid them like the plague!

I choose Red Apple Lipstick lipstick and eye makeup because it is paraben-free in addition to being gluten-free.  They are on a mission to share safe makeup with the world.  And I recently found Tarte Amazonian Clay mineral foundation and mascara.  They are also gluten- and paraben-free.  There are safe, conscientious companies out there.  We just have to make the time and effort to find and support them!

History of Paraben and Breast Cancer


New Fall Colors!!

The latest from Red Apple Lipstick!  The new Fall color collection is now available, and it is gorgeous.  Perfect Fall shades for eyes and lips.  Something for everyone!


Cozy colors! Matte eye shadows in rich Fall shades and auburn red lipsticks.

As mineral-based lip and eye products, the color is buildable from a soft hue to intense opaque color.  Eye shadows also take on a new effect when applied wet.  These mineral-based products also do not stain skin and clothing the way dye-based cosmetics can!

Brr!  The wind and cold is coming – get extra protection.  Stock up on Rallye Balmthe BEST lip balm on the planet!!  [...and under-eye and cuticle moisturizer!]

Rally Balm 2

Be sure to sign up for the VIP Club email list to get 20% off codes each month – the first one arrives IMMEDIATELY (conveniently located at the top of their web page).  Free shipping for purchases over $50.  Look for the many select-your-own discount packages in each category.

Click on any of these Red Apple Lipstick images to ORDER ====>

It’s Beauty without the Beasties!

RAL Apple

BAM! Instant Color: A Red Apple Lipstick Review

Red Apple Lipstick asked me if I was interested in doing a product review and I enthusiastically said,

“YES!  I would LOVE to!”

Since I’ve already tried nearly every pink- or red-based lipstick they’ve made to date, I suggested doing a review on their latest product line: Instant Color Lipstick.

This formula is the creamiest lipstick I’ve ever worn, providing an ultra-moisturizing smooth feel. The color is opaque – INSTANT – just as you would expect from the name.  It is pure, creamy color without shimmer or glitter.  Most mineral-based lipsticks have a “buildability” feature, meaning you can apply sheer or build the color and opacity with multiple swipes.  This formula is different from the others that way – it is more like traditional lipsticks in color intensity.  It also wears down to a “staining” on the lips, keeping the color longer.  The flip side, of course, is that you have to be careful where you put it – as it stays put.

I tried three of the six colors in the Instant Color Collection:
Lovebird, Oh My Guava and HibisKiss.


Lovebird – HibisKiss – Oh My Guava


Lovebird – Oh My Guava – HibisKiss

These lovely lipsticks are unscented, gluten-free, nut-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, vegan and all-around AWESOME!

Be sure to sign up for the VIP Club email list to get 20% off codes each month – the first one arrives IMMEDIATELY (conveniently located at the upper right side of their web page).
Free shipping for purchases over $25.  Look for the many select-your-own discount packages in each category.

What are YOU waiting for?!  It’s Beauty without the Beasties!

Click on the Red Apple Lipstick image on the right side of this page to ORDER ====>

Ernie’s Pub & Grille

Ernie's Pub

Ernie’s Pub & Grille – 14351 Nicollet Court – Burnsville, MN 55306

For all my GF/Paleo Peeps in or visiting Minnesota:  a restaurant with a focus on gluten-free eating.  This place even has a dedicated gluten-free deep fryer for french fries and sweet potato fries.  What a treat!

Last Sunday we attended their Gluten-Free Expo and had an opportunity to try the smoked chicken wings, salt & pepper french fries and sweet potato fries.  So Yummy!  I can’t tell you just how special it was.  It’s been nearly two years since I’ve had proper (sweet) potato fries due to gluten cross-contamination of fryer oil.  So good we signed up for their card program and mailing list!

This is the first area restaurant I’m aware of that focuses on safe gluten-free food.
From the website:

We’re proud of our Gluten Free options!

When we made the commitment to move forward with offering Gluten-Free menu items, the first rule was that we would do it RIGHT!     We continue to grow within that commitment and continue to develop additional menu items and procedures that allow us to meet our own expectations in hopes of exceeding yours!

​All of our dressings, pasta sauces and our condiment sauces including Lemon-Dill Sauce and others are homemade and are specially designed to be safe for Celiacs and those with general Wheat allergies!

We’re also  pleased to have a “dedicated” fryer which allows us to prepare Fries, Sweet Potato Fries and other deep-fried items in a GLUTEN-FREE method!  Simply put, Ernie’s has put French Fries back on the menu for YOU!

The menu links below are our “regular” menus.     For all items that are “naturally” Gluten-Free, they are marked with a Gluten-Free Logo.       There are many items which are not Gluten-Free but can be modified to be Gluten-Free.    Some of those modifications are as simple as leaving the Seasoned Bread Crumbs off of the Scallops or leaving the Croutons off a Salad.

We offer an outstanding Gluten-Free Pasta alternative to our regular pasta AND we also offer Udi’s Gluten-Free Buns.     The cost for those modifications are listed right in the menus for your convenience!

​When joining us for a meal, please be sure to let your server know about your special dietary requirements so that we can ensure your safety.

Menu perusal revealed a good selection of (GF) meat and seafood entrees in addition to the appetizers.  Even though they are located across the metro from us, we will definitely be returning for Date Night soon!  It’s worth the trip!

Many Thanks to talk radio personality Jason Lewis for promoting the event and restaurant on his show.  Apparently his wife is celiac and they really enjoy going to Ernie’s.  See you there!

Voted BEST at GFREEK- I second that!!

RAL Logo lg 1

I have shared my love and obsession with Red Apple Lipstick with you all several times.
It appears I am not alone!  Red Apple Lipstick was voted the Best Gluten-Free Cosmetics Brand during this year’s GFREEK awards!

Results published in Delight Gluten Free and Women’s Health magazines (see photos).

Red Apple Award 1

Red Apple Award 2

I just can’t rave enough about all of the Red Apple products.  Not only are they gluten, paraben and allergen-free, they are of genuinely superior quality.  I have used some very high-end expensive brands, and these lip and eye products beat them all for color, overall appearance and wear.  I truly love that my lips never feel dried out like they did with most other lipsticks, balms and glosses.  And they smell fantastic!

I love these lipsticks, glosses, balms and eyeshadows so much I became an affiliate and refer all my friends and family.  I never go anywhere without my Red Apple Lipstick!

RED 005b-sm

This is me demonstrating RED 101 lipstick and Porcelain / Iced Mocha / Espresso eyeshadows

Pamela 004b

Ruby Slippers lipstick with Tutu Cute / Champagne \ Espresso (applied wet as liner) eye colors


Crush On Me lipstick / Metropolis lipgloss with Tutu Cute / Porcelain / Iced Mocha / Espresso eye colors

Pamela Profile

Pinky Promise lipstick, Cotton Candy lipgloss with Porcelain / Champagne / Espresso eye colors

Tara Grant 05-11-2013

Meeting my hero, Tara Grant! French Skirt lipstick withTutu Cute / Porcelain / Iced Mocha / Espresso eye colors

Vogue lipstick, Tutu Cute / Iced Mocha / Espresso eye colors

Vogue lipstick with Tutu Cute / Iced Mocha / Espresso eye colors


Be sure to sign up for the VIP Club email list to get 20% off codes each month – the first one arrives IMMEDIATELY (conveniently located at the top of their web page).  Free shipping for purchases over $25.  Look for the many select-your-own discount packages in each category.

So what are you waiting for?!  Go get yourself some GFREEK Award-Winning, gluten/paraben/allergen-free, BEAUTIFUL makeup from Red Apple Lipstick!


RAL Logo lg 3

Gluten Free Round-Up

GF Roundup 2

Lakewinds Natural Foods in Chanhassen, MN

GF Roundup 1

Lakewinds Co-op hosted the Gluten-Free Round-up this afternoon with samples of gluten-free products throughout the store.  I found a few new treasures at the sample tables: CocoAmour Lemon Poppyseed Macaroons, Ferndale Farms Cranberry Turkey Sticks and the Hail Merry Miracle Tarts!

GF Roundup 4

I have long been a fan of the Cherry Coconut Macaroons, and the Lemon Poppyseed flavor is an excellent addition to the repertoire.

GF Roundup 8

Those Cranberry Turkey sticks were tasty!  A lot like Tanka Bites, without the paprika (nightshade) that gives me trouble.  I left with a couple packages in my cart!

GF Roundup 7

And then there were these…

I had been reading online reviews about Hail Merry products in the Paleosphere for months, but was hesitant to try them.  They looked/sounded good, but…

Well, let me tell you:  the Meyer Lemon tarts are the BEST Paleo treat I’ve had – EVER!!
No kidding. And I am not usually a fan of lemon or tart desserts.  I was blown away.

So it’s both a good and bad thing that my local co-op now carries them; in coconut-vanilla, chocolate, chocolate-mint, chocolate-raw almond butter and these meyer lemon ones.
Easy access = lots of consumption.  Oh boy.  I’m in trouble.




Valentine’s Day is Coming – Are You REDdy?!

As many of you already know, I’m a HUGE fan of Red Apple Lipstick!

Red Apple Lipstick has a shade of red for everyone.  Red is THE color for Valentine’s Day!  Pink is good too, but I love red for special occasions – and in my opinion, my 14th Wedding Anniversary qualifies.  So let’s get “REDdy” with RAL!

[And GUYS – don’t bail on me here!  Gluten-free lip products are important to you too!
If you or your lady are gluten-intolerant, BOTH of you must avoid lip balm with wheat-derived vitamin E (tocopherol acetate).  Most lip balms on the market DO contain gluten in this form.  Get yourself some Rallye lip balm in the little tub and the lipstick version for her.  And make her Valentine’s Day extra-special with a RAL Gift Box in RED or PINK!]

RED 005b-sm

RED! is the classic red that works on every skin tone.  I am wearing it here.


If you prefer a more muted red with brownish undertones, Strawberry Lips is for you.

RAL Strawberry Lips

If you really want to rev it up with a vibrant blue-red, you want Rebel!  It’s intense!

RAL Rebel

Reddy Or Not is a hot-pink red.  The best of both worlds.

RAL Reddy or Not

And Sunkissed is a brilliant orange-red to brighten your day.

RAL Sunkissed

Wear any of these luscious shades and I guarantee you will be noticed!

Remember: as a mineral-based lip product, the color is buildable from a soft hue to intense opaque color.  Mineral-based products also do not stain skin and clothing the way dye-based cosmetics can.  These lip products all have mouth-watering vanilla, fruit and mint scents to complement the beautiful colors.

Red Apple Lipstick has 24 amazing colors to choose from in addition to Rallye Lip Balm, lip pencils and 14 lip glosses.  Oh yes, and don’t forget the eyeshadows to complete the look!

There is still time to ORDER your special Valentine Gift Box in PINK or RED!  Do it NOW!
I promise you’ll love it!  <3


RED or PINK Valentine?

RAL Logo

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.  Are you ready?

My friends Jay and Andrea Harper at Red Apple Lipstick have created some gorgeous Valentine’s Day gift boxes in RED and PINK themes.   

RAL Red RomanceRAL Passion Pink

I have raved before about the quality of these products.  I just can’t say enough – they just blew me away the first time I tried them!  They feel like a moisturizing lip balm and the mineral-based colors are beautiful, blendable, non-staining AND toxin-free.  That’s right: NO gluten, soy or parabens.   

In addition to these lovely gift packages, Red Apple Lipstick has 23 lipstick colors, 14 glosses, 6 liners, and RALLYE Balm, the BEST lip balm on the planet!  I use it on my lips, under my eyes and on my cuticles.

balm 1 balm 2

And the eyes have it too!  26 mineral-based shades to choose from that can be applied dry or wet for a more dramatic look.


Be sure to sign up for the VIP Club email list to get 20% off codes each month – the first one arrives IMMEDIATELY (conveniently located at the top of their web page).  Free shipping for purchases over $25.  Look for the many select-your-own discount packages in each category.

Click on the Red Apple Lipstick image on the right side of this page to ORDER ====>

It’s Beauty without the Beasties!


Love my LoveBean Fudge!

Do you ever wish you could find a satisfying, indulgent, yet guilt-free (primal) chocolate product?  Your wish is our command!

The taste, consistency and texture of the inside of a chocolate truffle candy – in a jar. 

Made only from cocoa and coconut ingredients, this low-glycemic treat really hits the spot when that chocolate craving hits.  I keep a jar of this in my cupboard at all times and use it any way I’d use chocolate: as a syrup (warmed/melted), nutella-style spread, frosting, or “straight” with a spoon (my favorite!) 😀

I featured this in my “12 (Paleo) Days of Christmas” post last week as [#4] jars of LoveBean.  I chose the fourth day of Christmas because you get free shipping with the purchase of 4 or more jars of this heavenly goodness.

Also an excellent item for stocking stuffers, gift baskets or hostess gifts all year-round.  Everyone loves chocolate!

Click the link on the right side of this page to get your very own jar(s) and support Pamela’s Paleo Life blog efforts.  Thank You and Happy Holidays!

final OG label flattened UPC fix

$5 off Red Apple Lipstick!!

RAL Logo
Do you have a good resource for identifying “hidden” gluten-containing ingredients in foods and personal products?  It’s not just the wheat flour, but also wheat-derived colors, flavors, thickeners and binders that contaminate you.
Makeup, especially lip products are one thing most people forget about.
Tocopherol (vitamin E) is almost always wheat-derived and contains gluten, unless the label specifically states gluten-free.  Quality GF foundations, blushes, etc are available from Bare Minerals (Bare Escentuals stores) BUT know that their lip products are not GF!  I found this out the hard way.
My absolute FAVORITE cosmetic brand is Red Apple Lipstick: lip balm, lipstick, lip glosses and eye shadow (all allergen-free!) of superior quality.  Jay Harper of RAL just launched a referral program.  I signed up – and you should too!
RAL Logo

Red Apple Lipstick Referral Program

Give $5, Get $5 and Spread The Word About Safe Makeup!

Since I really love their stuff, I’d appreciate it if you would click on the following link to give me credit for the referral.  You will receive $5 off your first purchase at RAL.  Enjoy!
Your $5 coupon code is HERE