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Paleo Easter Feast

Easter Decor 2

The Treat Spread: Yes, I know the candies aren’t Paleo, but they ARE gluten/dairy-free! Sometimes we make choices that fall into that “80/10” philosophy, just to enjoy life and keep our sanity. So we opted for conventional candy this year despite the corn syrup and artificial colors. For us, gluten and casein are the deal-breakers.


One must have eggs at Easter, am I right?!
I was too lazy to color and decorate this year, so deviled eggs were the appetizer.

Deviled Eggs
12 boiled eggs, chilled
1 ripe avocado
minced parsley and chives
bacon grease
Himalayan salt

crispy bacon bits

[*I make my own mayonnaise using Bulletproof Upgraded MCT oil for completely neutral flavor and MCT benefits.  I think mayonnaise tastes strange when first mixed, so I like to let mine rest overnight in the fridge to bring out the true mayo flavor.  My favorite recipe and method is from Orleatha Smith at Level Health and Nutrition.]

Cut boiled eggs in half lengthwise and place yolks into a mixing bowl.
(Whites go onto a serving platter.)

Add diced ripe avocado, along with mayonnaise, minced parsley/chives, salt and the bacon grease from crisping a couple slices of bacon to the yolks.
[Quantities are to taste.  I just eyeball it when composing stuff like this.]

Whiz with a stick blender, or mash and mix by hand until smooth.  Spoon into waiting egg whites and top with crispy bacon bits, or maybe some smoked salmon or salmon roe.

Easter Feast 1

Appetizers: Black Olives, Smoked Salmon and Bacon-Avocado Deviled Eggs

Our main meal consisted of baked Walleye fillets (a freshwater fish popular in Minnesota) and meatballs (which I have affectionately nicknamed “MN Moo-Balls” due to the Scandanavian twist of topping with Lingonberry sauce).

MN Moo-Balls
ground grass-fed beef
minced parsley and scallions
garlic powder
Himalayan salt

Mix well and form into 1 1/2″ balls and place on a parchment-lined rimmed baking sheet.
Bake at 400F for 20 minutes.  Serve with Lingonberry sauce.

Easter Feast 4

Minnesota Moo-Balls and Walleye fillets


Lingonberry sauce is also excellent with hot or cold salmon and desserts.

The Plate: finished with a side of baby French green beans topped with butter or ghee.

Easter Feast 5

An OFFline (Paleo) White Christmas

Christmas Eve forecast for MinneSNOWta:

Forecast for Dec 24

PM Snow

High: 13°F
Low: 11°F

Chance of Precipitation 80%
Accumulation of 1 to 3 inches
Wind SSE 17 mph
Humidity 60%


Good thing Santa’s dressed in fur!

Forecast for
extreme cold

Wind Chill
Near -23°F

High: 13°F
Low: 11°F

Feels like -23°F
Chance of Precipitation 80%
Wind SSE 17 mph
Humidity 60%


Yes, we had a White Christmas.  It was very pretty – and cold.

I spent my Christmas Holiday OFFline with my Tribe.  Didn’t touch the computer for two days.

And it felt great.


We hosted this year.  After Christmas Eve candlelight church service we had dinner.  Foods included a veggie tray with bacon avocado dip and smoked salmon, Boeuf Burguignon with sweet potato biscuits and 4 kinds of paleo cookies: sleighbells, cookie dough bon-bons, gingersnaps and mexican wedding cakes.

We feasted, popped open crackers, exchanged gifts and sat by the real fire while watching the musical yule log on TV.  LOL


Paleo Christmas cookies: sleighbells, cookie dough bon-bons, gingersnaps and mexican wedding cakes


Christmas Day brought more feasting on roasted chicken with green beans, squash, sweet potato biscuits (they were a hit!) and another platter of Paleo cookies.  Grandpa napped while the rest of us watched the Hobbit DVD until it was time for them to continue their journey to SIL’s in Nebraska.

Great fun was had by all, especially the kiddo who found out he’s going to Disney World and LegoLand Florida in February.   Woo-Hoo!  

Any recommendations for things to see, do and EAT (Paleo) are welcome in the Comments!


“I’m going to Disney World!”

Disney Christmas