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The Bulletproof Cookbook is Finally Here!

Bulletproof Cookbook 2

The Bulletproof cookbook is HERE at last!

NO other cookbook was able to recreate classic recipes—traditional recipes everyone craves (even your non-paleo/anti-Bulletproof friends and family)—until now…

Here’s what’s inside…

Traditional Recipes Made Bulletproof – Make all your former favorites healthy enough to be bulletproof with easy to prepare substitutions for nearly every single kryptonite food or antinutrient you can no longer eat…

“Tastes Just Like Comfort Food” Alternatives – Starch-rich homestyle favorites are made Bulletproof diet friendly enough to even make your mother remember the taste of home when she visits…

• Simple, Delicious, Fast And Bulletproof Easy to prepare even for inexperienced (or actually “I’ve never before cooked a single meal chefs) meals that utilize Dave Asprey’s nutrients instead of the unhealthy processed foods you’ll find in magazine meals…

• Seasonal, Local Whole-Food Guide – Use fresh local proteins, fruits and vegetables instead of “I have no clue where they came from” supermarket imports thanks to the included local and fresh food guide…

• Intolerance And Autoimmune Substitutions – Dozens of included options to help your discriminating palate decide on nutrient options that are healthy and Bulletproof friendly…

And Much, Much More inside the definitive recipe guide designed to accompany the Bulletproof Diet.

I can tell you for a fact, this Bulletproof: The Cookbook is absolutely everything that you need in a recipe guide made for the Bulletproof Diet!

Until now, it’s been difficult to adapt (or nearly impossible unless you’re an expert chef) Bulletproof guidelines to make traditional recipes.

You’ve got to click below right now to learn more about Bulletproof: The Cookbook!

Bulletproof Cookbook

Our First Paleo Thanksgiving #TBT

 This will be our 4th Paleo Thanksgiving… My, how time flies when you’re having fun.
Once again, we will roast a local pastured Ferndale Farms turkey and serve it with sweet
potatoes, veggies and something pumpkin or apple for dessert.  Let the feasting begin!
Lego Feast
We hosted Thanksgiving dinner at our house for the first time in a few years, which meant NO TRAVEL (Yeah!) and we were not required to navigate a buffet avoiding sugars, grains, legumes, dairy and nightshades, resulting in a pile of dry turkey and small spoonful of squash.
Our menu was much more satisfying: a 15-pound local, pastured roast turkey with gravy made from drippings and bone broth stock; baked sweet potatoes; acorn and delicata squash; haricot verts sauteed with bacon, onions and mushrooms; chocolate coconut milk “pudding” and pumpkin coconut milk “pudding”  sweetened with maple syrup
Mmm…drooling just remembering it…
That turkey fed the five of us for Thanksgiving and was so good it lasted (the 3 of us) only another 2 days, including a batch of turkey stock.
We used America’s Test Kitchen’s turkey roasting technique, which involves a 1/2 sheet pan and cooling rack, with mirepoix (carrots, celery and onions) and broth under the rack, and the turkey parts on top for roasting.  Drippings and added bone broth reduced to make the gravy.
Baked the squash and sweet potatoes, sautéed the beans and made no-bake custards using coconut cream (separated from coconut milk).  [I highly recommend Lake Champlain’s Organic Cocoa for excellent chocolate flavor!]
Sorry, but there are no photos this time – I was too busy enjoying the meal!  😀

Primal Cooking

There is not much more Primal than cooking meat over flame – whether that flame come from wood, charcoal or propane!

Spring has finally sprung in Minnesota. Time to bring out the grill…

Wait – why isn’t it working properly?!

After 11+ years, it was time to do a full overhaul. Luckily Weber still makes the replacement parts for our model. I took a deep breath and prayed for patience before replacing all in the inner “guts”  with Hubby’s help.

Fortunately, it was much easier than expected and we were up and grilling in no time. Yeah!

There really is nothing like meat cooked over open flame, and I have missed it so.  I put this baby to work immediately on grass-fed burgers and bratwurst!

Grill revived

Don’t be fooled by appearances: it’s good as new – on the INSIDE anyway!

Adventures in Deep Frying

I felt brave today, and decided it was time to make the sweet potato chips on my to-do list.  The tubers had been on the counter for more than a week.  It was time.

Now, I’ve never really deep-fried foods other than some corn dogs one year on the 4th of July.  I did those outside on the grill using my Lodge Logic cast iron dutch oven and they worked. But I was still hesitant.  Shall we say… “chicken”?  Oy.

But hey, if Sarah Ballantyne could do it, so could I.  *deep breath*

So I printed off Sarah’s blog post and recipe from The Paleo Mom and began.  I used my trusty Cuisinart food processor to slice up 4 big sweet potatoes to 2mm thickness.  Salted and drained them in a colander for an hour or so, and got the oil ready.  I happened to have some of the palm shortening Sarah recommends, so I put that in my Lodge Logic dutch oven and fired up my Weber gas grill.  This grill has sturdy cast iron grates, so I can actually cook on it with cast iron cookware – keeps the heat outside in summer!

My first batch scorched: cooked them too long.
The second batch was soggy: oil cooled too much.
Third and remaining batches were fine…
until the TruGreen Lawn guy showed up and began spraying my grass  – while I was cooking!  

Really?!  *counts to ten instead of biting his fool head off*
(As a side note, I am supposed to get an advance email notifying me when they will be coming, but…)

Well, I wasn’t about to be outside cooking food in a fog of fertilizer and weed killer, so I carefully moved the operation inside.  It was a blessing in disguise, because the stovetop controlled the heat much better and there was very little mess.  I’d always thought frying food got oil all over the stove, cabinets and countertop, so that was a pleasant surprise.

chips 002

Finished up the rest of the chips and now have a small stash to accompany our burgers.  They *should* keep fresh for a week to ten days, but we all know they won’t last that long.  😉

chips 004

We like the Terra Chips from our co-op, but they are pricey and I’m not keen on the canola oil.  I did some initial calculations, and I believe the price (excluding TIME spent) is comparable.  I am hoping that I will be able to re-use the oil to make it more cost-efficient, as that is the most expensive input.  At any rate, it was a fun project and I may do it again soon.

Cucumber (Noodle) Salad!

Tested the Paderno vegetable spiral slicer on some cucumbers this evening.
Voila!  Cucumber Salad with a twist – literally.

Peeled the cucumbers, sliced off the bitter ends and ran them through the machine with the help of my trusty assistant Alex.  Salted generously and added snipped chives from the garden.  All done.  

This was really fun.  Some of the “noodles” were nearly 3 feet long!  Next up will be zucchini “zoodles” and sweet potato noodles.  Hmm…guess it’s time for a trip to the store…

spiral cucumber salad 001

Looks like spaghetti! Check out the length on those cucumber spirals!

spiral cucumber salad 004

Yup. Roll it up just like pasta. …Yeah…this is how we roll… *giggle*

What a Deal!

Facebook was alit with the news that the Paderno vegetable spiral slicer was 50% off.
Time to pounce!  Those zoodles were a hit!


Even though I wasn’t keen on more equipment to take up money and space, the price made it worth the bother.  I was surprised at how compact it is – much smaller than I anticipated.

I plan to make a variation on cucumber salad with it tonight, and some zoodles and sweet potato noodles this weekend.  This should be fun!

It’s Food Prep Day Again

Testing out the Nesco Dehydrator  I received from Hubby for Christmas on some apples and yams. It worked well on the coconut macaroon cookies last week.

Nesco American Harvest FD-37 400 Watt Food Dehydrator


Also bakin’ bacon, yams, sweet potatoes, cherry Larabar wannabes and another loaf of George’s fantastic Banana Bread!