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Murphy’s Law According to Raven

Ravi in sun

Ravi on her perch

My cat Raven loves to sit in the window to watch birds and get some fresh air.   Recently, she was in our master bathroom window doing just that, when the “unthinkable” happened.

I had the windows open, airing out the house…

Well, first I must give some background here:  Our master bathroom door never latches.  The house is over 20 years old and it settled in such a way that the door will not latch when closed.  I have tried countless times and countless ways to remedy that issue, but alas…

Anyway, Ravi was enjoying a lovely day, perched on our master bathroom windowsill…

Ravi in Window

As you can see here, I usually prop the door open so the air current doesn’t close it.
This cat has issue with closed doors – she hates them.

But on this particular day, I forgot to move the hamper.  Guess what happened – that’s right!  The door not only closed, but it LATCHED!

Oh the Horror!!

I was downstairs when I heard *thump thump thump* and wondered what on Earth was going on up there…went upstairs and found the closed/latched door with a kitty on the other side furiously trying to open it by clawing under the edge and pulling.  She succeeded in freeing a few chips off the bottom edge, but that’s as far as she’d gotten.

Very relieved to be freed from her prison, she ran out of the bathroom.  I propped the door open to avoid a repeat and came out to my bedroom to find Raven stretched out on the floor in the doorway.  She proceeded to vocally scold me.  She was mad!  This cat rarely meows at all, so it was rather concerting.  I offered to pet and cuddle her, but she was having none of it.  I apologized repeatedly to no avail.

All I could think was that it would be Murph’s Law: the one time the door latches would be when ‘Fraidy Cat was inside.  Oy.  Won’t make THAT mistake again!

Ravi Sun 3

Kitty loves the sunshine!

Celebrating 13 Years with My Kitties

My kitties turned 13 years old this past weekend on March 29th.  Time sure flies!

Highlights from the first 12 years

To celebrate, we got the girls some new Cat Faeries nip toys and fed them raw egg yolks in addition to their grain-free kitty kibbles and freeze-dried raw food.  These Paleo Puddies love their raw egg yolks!!  They slurked them up lickety-split!

When presented with their gifts, Panda sniffed each one, clawed and swiped her choice away to play.  She chose the oyster – so Raven got the fried egg.  (Snooze and you lose!)  Some of their most “well-loved” toys include the shrimp sushi roll, birds and the oyster.  The catnip in Cat Faeries Legendary Cat Toys is especially potent.  There’s nothing else quite like it.

Kitty Panda Birthday

Panda with BOTH oysters – new and old

Kitty Ravi Birthday

Ravi enjoying her new fried egg toy and nip carrot

most loved toys 1

Some of their most “well-loved” toys! Rabbit recently bit the dust – they actually shredded and unstuffed it!

Happy Birthday Kittens!  Looking forward to many more years together.  <3

A Milestone 9 Years in the Making

My girls are a couple of ‘fraidy-cats.  They have always been afraid of everybody but me.  Even after 12 years of living together, Panda will still occasionally hiss at Hubby coming into the bedroom.  Guests never see them because they hide the second they hear an unfamiliar voice.  They wouldn’t even let Alex pet them without my holding them securely in place.

Until now.

On Sunday Alex decided to approach Panda as she lie on the floor under the dining table.  Wonder of wonders, she didn’t freak out and run away.  She actually let him pet her on his own for the first time ever.  And she was even PURRING!  

Oh my Lord.  It’s a miracle!

I suggested Alex get the brush out and Panda was thrilled.  Now she really loves him!



Oh, the horror!  It’s so painful!

Tease 002

What’s this I spy with my big, green eye?!

This cardinal sat on the post(s) chirping at Raven for some time.  (Apparently long enough for me to get these pix!)  She was nearly out of her mind wanting it.

*chatter* *chatter*  

*twitch* *twitch*  

Bird Alert!

Tease 003

Here, birdie, birdie…you sweet tasty-looking morsel, you! Purr!  Purr!