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Crazy Bird!

That bird was at it again Thursday morning: tweetering on the fence outside the window, teasing the cat.  He knew exactly what he was doing, too!

cats 010

Watch my tail switch and twitch …I want him SOOOOO bad!!

I went outside to get a closer look (and a photo!) and the bird didn’t even flinch.  He sat there chirping and dancing along the fence.   When my neighbor came over to chat while cleaning out front, the cardinal came over and perched in the arborvitae tree not more than ten feet from us, tilting his head and chirping as if he were part of the conversation.

Maybe the feeder needs more seed?


Oh, the horror!  It’s so painful!

Tease 002

What’s this I spy with my big, green eye?!

This cardinal sat on the post(s) chirping at Raven for some time.  (Apparently long enough for me to get these pix!)  She was nearly out of her mind wanting it.

*chatter* *chatter*  

*twitch* *twitch*  

Bird Alert!

Tease 003

Here, birdie, birdie…you sweet tasty-looking morsel, you! Purr!  Purr!