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The Bulletproof Cookbook is Finally Here!

Bulletproof Cookbook 2

The Bulletproof cookbook is HERE at last!

NO other cookbook was able to recreate classic recipes—traditional recipes everyone craves (even your non-paleo/anti-Bulletproof friends and family)—until now…

Here’s what’s inside…

Traditional Recipes Made Bulletproof – Make all your former favorites healthy enough to be bulletproof with easy to prepare substitutions for nearly every single kryptonite food or antinutrient you can no longer eat…

“Tastes Just Like Comfort Food” Alternatives – Starch-rich homestyle favorites are made Bulletproof diet friendly enough to even make your mother remember the taste of home when she visits…

• Simple, Delicious, Fast And Bulletproof Easy to prepare even for inexperienced (or actually “I’ve never before cooked a single meal chefs) meals that utilize Dave Asprey’s nutrients instead of the unhealthy processed foods you’ll find in magazine meals…

• Seasonal, Local Whole-Food Guide – Use fresh local proteins, fruits and vegetables instead of “I have no clue where they came from” supermarket imports thanks to the included local and fresh food guide…

• Intolerance And Autoimmune Substitutions – Dozens of included options to help your discriminating palate decide on nutrient options that are healthy and Bulletproof friendly…

And Much, Much More inside the definitive recipe guide designed to accompany the Bulletproof Diet.

I can tell you for a fact, this Bulletproof: The Cookbook is absolutely everything that you need in a recipe guide made for the Bulletproof Diet!

Until now, it’s been difficult to adapt (or nearly impossible unless you’re an expert chef) Bulletproof guidelines to make traditional recipes.

You’ve got to click below right now to learn more about Bulletproof: The Cookbook!

Bulletproof Cookbook

The Only Canister Good Enough to be “Bulletproof”

Bulletproof Canister

Got two myself!
One for Hubby’s coffee and another for the collagen.

Bulletproof Coffee® – the healthiest and best coffee on the planet.
Mmm…  There’s nothing quite like opening a fresh bag of beans!

But how to keep that freshness?  Well, Dave Asprey has cracked the code on that conundrum and developed the new Bulletproof® AirScape® canister that removes the air that makes coffee and other foodstuffs stale.  Sized perfectly for a pound of Bulletproof® Coffee beans.

Click HERE to get one for your Bulletproof® Coffee, Upgraded® Collagen protein powder or other dry goods.  Get another Bulletproof® Coffee Kit and Travel Mug while you’re at it!

It’ll keep you warm, lively and focused through the next Polar Vortex!

12 Days of Paleo Christmas!

The second annual edition of Pamela’s 12 Days of Paleo Christmas.
OK, so I listed more than twelve…the more, the merrier!   Enjoy!

[Product links provided below.]

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Gift ideas featured in Pamela’s 12 Days of Paleo Christmas:

Paleo Dough makes nearly anything savory or sweet: bread, biscuits, crackers, tortillas, pizza crust, dumplings, meat or fruit pie pockets etc.

Bulletproof Coffee and Kerrygold Butter (available at Costco and other stores)

Great Lakes Gelatin and Silicone Mold(s)


Downton Abbey Teas
Why is Downton Abbey Paleo? http://paleononpaleo.com/downton-abbey-guide-paleo/

Gather: the Art of Paleo Entertaining

Paleo Happy Hour

Bulletproof Activated Charcoal for rapid recovery from consuming anything dubious

Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salts  (available at Costco and other stores)

Red Apple Lipstick Products: lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner, lip balm, eyeliner, eyeshadow

Caveman Feast App for IOS or Android

Paleo Treats

Mabel’s Labels – for all the things people lose

Ball Mason Canning Jars for food storage and drinking

Primal Blueprint Boxed Set – ALL the Primal Blueprint books in one place

Evernote Market – amazing tools to keep organized at home or on the go

*Disclosure: Some of these links are affiliates and I may receive a commission from purchases.

Oh my…

Wine by Gianni Dominici

I have been reading many articles about detoxing and cleansing for the New Year.  Since I recently had an unexpected food sensitivity reaction, I thought it wise to consider the possibility it may have been due to mycotoxins in a nut/seed product and explore cleansing methods and decided to get some activated charcoal to remove any toxins and/or bad bacteria from my system.

This weekend we attended an event where I consumed about 2-3 glasses of wine throughout the evening – and discovered just how differently a body eating Paleo reacts to alcohol.  After we got home, as my husband and I were chatting…I suddenly didn’t feel so good.

I was nauseous and began sweating bullets – and I mean dripping, head to toe.  I’ve never felt that way in my entire life.  Not even during those college “alcohol experimentation” days.  It kept getting worse and I got worried.  We reviewed foods eaten – only a well-cooked chicken appetizer (which I had made) and fresh grapes – neither of which made him ill.  What did I drink?  Only wine.  I gazed at my hubby in desperation.  He said it was probably the sulfites in the wine.  Oh boy, this was NOT good.

Then I remembered the bottle of activated charcoal.  The description said it absorbed all kinds of toxic substances and pathogenic bacteria – so why not?  I asked him to bring it and promptly put 2 capsules down the hatch.  Guess what?  Within minutes my symptoms subsided.  I was so relieved.  Apparently this stuff works!  Thanks for the tip, Bulletproof Executive!