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Egg Free Mayo Substitute (AIP-friendly!)

no eggs

Having trouble with eggs?  Want to make mayonnaise or salad dressings?
Here is a good alternative that is creamy, tasty, and egg-free!

I have used this technique recently to make Cracker Stackers, veggie dip and salad dressing.

To use like mayonnaise, use this guacamole base recipe:

2 ripe avocados, diced
2 tbsp MCT oils (MCT Oil or Brain Octane)
1/2 tsp Himalayan Salt (or to taste)
a squirt of lemon juice

To use as a salad dressing, use only one avocado and increase the lemon juice.
Add fresh herbs for variety.  Enjoy!

Guaco-Taco Burgers!

guaco-taco burger 1

Sometimes ground beef gets a bit boring.  Time to spice things up a bit…

But only a bit.  Pepper consumption causes me great pain, so I developed a nightshade-free taco seasoning.  It’s not completely AIP-compliant as it contains the seed-based spices cumin and coriander, but is GF/CF/NF and tastes so much like the stuff in the packets you won’t miss the old days.

Nightshade-Free (GF/CF) Taco Seasoning

1 part Himalayan Salt
1 part Onion Powder
½ part Garlic Powder
1 part Cumin
1 part Coriander
1 part Cilantro
1 part Oregano

Minor change(s) to this batch of seasoning that resulted in improved taste/texture:
(1) Omitted the sugar.  I know sugar and salt tend to bring out the opposite flavors, but I’ve committed to minimizing sugar consumption in 2014, so there you go.
(2) Blended/ground up the seasoning in the food processor, yielding a better mix and finer powder.  We all agreed this batch is much better than its forebears.

I measure my “parts” by the jar, so one (spice) jar of cumin, etc.  Use one jar of every ingredient except garlic powder (1/2 jar), unless you really like garlic in your taco meat.

Using about 1 tbsp taco seasoning per pound of grass-fed ground beef, mix well with your hands and form burger patties.  Grill or pan-fry your burger patties to desired doneness.
Top with a BIG spoonful of guacamole and enjoy.  Great served with sweet potato chips.

Alternatively, you could stuff your patties with the guacamole, like George Bryant does.

Recently the Bulletproof Executive posted on the virtues of avocado.  The addition of Bulletproof® Upgraded MCT Oil to the guacamole is amazing!  Kudos to Dave Asprey for that tip.  I made mine with a stick blender, combining:

2 ripe avocados, diced
2 tbsp MCT oils (MCT Oil or Brain Octane)
1/2 tsp Himalayan Salt (or to taste)
a squirt of lime or lemon juice

Another great compliment to these are Paleo Dough Buns.  Make them with garnet yams for a cheddar cheese-like flavor.  It makes excellent tortillas as well!