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Pain Paste

Last week I had the misfortune of getting unexpectedly “glutened”.  We had some Jelly Belly jelly beans as a treat – which we had researched (and eaten) several times and found to be gluten-free – but did not read the label on the (licensed?) Kirkland package from Costco until it was too late.  Just minutes after consumption, the pain began.

“How did this happen?”, you ask.  Well, apparently the Jelly Belly beans made for Kirkland are

“produced on machinery that also manufactures blah blah blah WHEAT blah, blah blah…”   

If you have food allergies, you know the line…  Uh-huh.

Kirkland Jelly Belly

You would be wise to avoid these at Costco.
They are NO bargain!

WHAT?!  The Jelly Belly website states that all of their beans are gluten free.
Gotta read the teeny-tiny print on EVERY package you buy.  Period.  Never assume!

So the wheels in my brain started turning and I thought of a few things that might minimize what was coming.  First, a dose of Max Digest.  This digestive enzyme product can supposedly break down some gluten proteins and help protect against accidental cross-contamination – which is what we apparently had going on here.

max digest

As a side note: I love Dr. Osborne’s products – they are specifically formulated to assist celiacs in recovery from gluten-induced damage.  Thank you, Dr. Osborne and Gluten-Free Society!

I also remembered my experience with Activated Charcoal this winter.
It’s ADsorptive properties seemed suitable here too.


Thank You, Dave Asprey!

These actions helped ease my immediate digestive pain, but over the next 24 hours came the leg, joint, back, neck and headache pain.  That required more.  I succumbed.  I gave in to the pain and took ibuprofen, an NSAID.  This is not a good idea as NSAIDs contribute to Leaky Gut Syndrome – the root cause of autoimmune disorders (which both of mine – Celiac and Hashimoto’s – are!)

Because I know this, I was reluctant to take another dose despite the pain.
I knew there had to be another way.  Hmm…NSAID = Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug…


There are loads of scientific data demonstrating the anti-inflammatory effects of certain foods, specifically cinnamon, turmeric and ginger.  These three ingredients and more are found in turmeric tea.  I remembered seeing this recipe on Mark’s Daily Apple and hunted it down.

Essentially, it is hot coconut milk mixed with those three spices, some vanilla and honey to taste.  (I left out the cayenne since it is a nighshade and doesn’t play nice with my autoimmune disorders.)

Voila!  A creamy, soothing pain reliever in a cup.  It worked, too!  Of course I am familiar with Professor Dan Ariely’s research on placebos and pain.  But whatever works, right?  I’ll take it.


OK, that worked well at home, but what about away from home or times when you don’t want to sip a hot beverage?  Like say, when it’s nearly 100 degrees outside?  Well…a little creativity goes a long way.

Our local Co-op sells empty cellulose capsules in the bulk section.  I use these for my Bulletproof Glutathione  supplement, as it tastes like something died (for real!) and I couldn’t choke it down to save my life.   Don’t know how people do it…  Anyway: I decided to put my turmeric tea in a capsule.

I mixed equal parts cinnamon, turmeric and ginger powders in a dish and added enough softened coconut oil to make a paste.  Put it in a syringe and filled size “00” cellulose capsules.  Tada!  Portable, natural pain reliever.  No nasty NSAIDs here.

Pain Paste 2

I wasn’t sure if the coconut oil would dissolve the capsules, so I tested it.  While glutathione does soften them quickly, the coconut oil did not seem to have that effect.  So, one could pre-fill some capsules and keep them in an airtight container for a while, especially if you have one of those desiccated moisture-absorbing packets added.  I am storing mine in the syringe as coconut oil acts as a natural preservative.

This Pain Paste can also be used as a base for hot turmeric tea.  Add vanilla and honey (along with about 1-2 tsp of the paste) to hot coconut milk to complete the recipe.  Enjoy!