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New Fall Colors!!

The latest from Red Apple Lipstick!  The new Fall color collection is now available, and it is gorgeous.  Perfect Fall shades for eyes and lips.  Something for everyone!


Cozy colors! Matte eye shadows in rich Fall shades and auburn red lipsticks.

As mineral-based lip and eye products, the color is buildable from a soft hue to intense opaque color.  Eye shadows also take on a new effect when applied wet.  These mineral-based products also do not stain skin and clothing the way dye-based cosmetics can!

Brr!  The wind and cold is coming – get extra protection.  Stock up on Rallye Balmthe BEST lip balm on the planet!!  [...and under-eye and cuticle moisturizer!]

Rally Balm 2

Be sure to sign up for the VIP Club email list to get 20% off codes each month – the first one arrives IMMEDIATELY (conveniently located at the top of their web page).  Free shipping for purchases over $50.  Look for the many select-your-own discount packages in each category.

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It’s Beauty without the Beasties!

RAL Apple


I had quite the surprise when I opened my email this morning:

Amazon Assoc logo

For those of you not familiar with’s affiliate marketing program, participants receive a small commission on sales directed to Amazon from the blog.  As of July 1, 2013, Minnesota residents can no longer participate in the program.  Obviously, I am one of those.

I am very disappointed by this change.  Many bloggers use the aStore and other ads to showcase and sell products via posts and sidebar ads for mutual benefit.  This now puts MN bloggers at a disadvantage.  We can only hope this will be resolved favorably in the near future.  Nobody said life is fair, but this stinks!  

That leaves until June 30th for any (and all!) of you to make your purchases via my affiliate link at right (click on the Amazon logo).  C’mon, you know you need something!

29 With 17 Years Experience

Today is my birthday.  I am 29 with 17 years experience.

Came downstairs to some fresh lilacs and a friendly face.

Birthday 05-23-2013 005

Started the morning with tea in the porch.  It was cold outside (upper 40’s) but at least the sun was shining.  We had LOTS of gloom and rain this past week, so Happy Birthday to me.

Birthday 05-23-2013 006

It didn’t take long to gain some company…

Birthday Panda 002

Sent my boys off to work and school, had lunch with some friends and took the day off from housework.  All in all, a pretty good day, with the exception of dinner…but that’s another post.

The Dawn of a New Ice Age?

Closing the blinds so I don’t have to see the SNOW coming down outside on this MAY 3RD!!
Will it never end?!

SNOW 05-03-2013b

This is where I will be spending most of my day ~ at least until I get up the courage to venture out for more BACON.  (Lord help us, we’re all out…)

SNOW 05-03-2013e

So what happened to “April Showers Bring May Flowers” ?!!

I get daily alerts on my phone from The Weather Channel listing the “School Day” forecast so we know what to wear.  Today I saw THIS and nearly passed out…


It’s MAY 1st and we have 6″-9″ of SNOW coming?!!

I might seriously just go back to bed.  *sigh*

…and I REFUSE to unpack the turtlenecks and corduroys I just put away last Saturday!!

Recipe Adjustment (Mint Chip Treats)

As I shared in the last post, my milk mint chip treats were a new experiment.  As it turns out, the level of mintiness and chocolate were just right, but they were not sweet enough.  [Sweetness is greatly reduced by cold temperatures.]

I would guess that 1/3-1/2 cup sweetener would be best here.

I have corrected the text of the original post for future reference.  Enjoy!  🙂


Expander 04-15-2013b

History repeats itself…deja vu.  That’s how I felt as I watched my son get an expander installed in his mouth this week.  I’d had one at his age.  I had so wished for him to NOT experience dental issues.  But alas, he has my genes.

All of my readings and research point to celiac disease as the ultimate culprit.

Dr. Weston Price determined that the v-shaped palate and crowded teeth he saw in people were due to nutritional deficiencies resulting from the adoption of western diet.  He observed that people in traditional cultures had wide faces with arch-shaped palates and room for all their teeth (including wisdom teeth!) until they started eating the white flour and sugar-rich industrial foods, displacing their traditional nutrient-dense diets.  The changes were radical and happened within a single generation.  See his book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.  It’s worth the read.

While he was not able to reverse the structural defects of misshapen jaws and palates, he was able to heal cavities through nutrition therapy.  The process included adding fermented cod liver oil / high vitamin butter oil, eliminating white flour and sugar, and emphasizing meats, vegetables and raw dairy in the diet.  He showed that dental health was reflective of overall health and fully dependent upon proper nutrition.  [This used to be considered “common sense” in agrarian societies, as demonstrated by every farmer that checked an animals teeth before making decisions about it’s future.]  Alex had cavities when he was younger, and I tried to emulate this healing protocol for him.  It worked.  His teeth are now cavity-free, whiter and stronger than before.  Not perfect, but great progress.

I discovered I am celiac about a year ago, after reading the passage in Robb Wolf’s book about the connection between celiac and gallstones.  Celiac is an autoimmune disease that results in damaged intestinal lining – which leads to nutrient absorption issues.  In other words, we cannot access the minerals we need to build strong, healthy jaws and teeth – even if we are consuming them.  My son has suffered many of the same manifestations I did as a child: cavities, crowded permanent teeth (our baby teeth were perfectly aligned, albeit with cavities), muscular weakness, digestive issues, sleep issues, etc…the list goes on.

Since going Paleo about a year and a half ago, we have both experienced dramatic improvements in all of these categories.  We are especially diligent about eating gluten-free, knowing that at best he is very gluten intolerant – and celiac at worst.  I know that I am celiac, so am ultra-vigilant and making a concerted effort to education Alex so he can make good decisions for himself as he grows.  We look forward to continued progress as we utilize modern technology to undo the damage already done.

Thunder & Lightning

lightning and pines

This weekend we had our first thunderstorm of the season.  With snow on the ground and temperatures around freezing.  Strange place we live in, Minnesota is.  I thought it was my imagination when the first flash disturbed my sleep.  But then it happened again – brighter.  And then BOOM!  the thunder – and there was no mistaking it.

It was a nice change to experience some rain after months of the frozen stuff, and it definitely helped clear away the grayed mounds.  We are so looking forward to Spring and greenery after months of this gloomy gray stuff.  Blech.  Well, thunder and lightning IS progress.  I’ll take it.