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Fall Fun at the Arboretum – Scarecrows!

Taking advantage of a gorgeous “Indian Summer” day here in Minnesota!

The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum hosts an annual scarecrow display.  This year’s creations were submitted by local floral design professionals, and they did not disappoint!

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Friday the 13th AND a Full Moon?!

Oy.  Sounds like quite the combo, huh?

Full Moon 06-13-2014  from Woodbury, MN

Full Moon 06-13-2014 from Woodbury, MN

Actually, other than a race-around-the-house black wildcat, and a silly run-around-like-a-puppy black lab it was a pretty normal day!

For me, anyway.

My son had lots of excitement in the evening when Dad taught him to shoot a gun for the very first time.  Hubby has been a trapshooter (like his father) since high school, so this was a BIG deal.  So on this auspicious day, the two of them headed out to the Horse & Hunt Club with much anticipation, only to discover it was CLOSED.

Oh, the horror!

A little online research then revealed another facility less than 20 minutes away, so off they went.  The boy took to it like a champ, not even flinching at the kickback.  He was so proud to show me his very first shell when he got home, smiling ear-to-ear.  One can see why trapshooting is such a rapidly growing sport in high schools.

Alex Shooting Glasses

Safety is the #1 priority!!

So I wonder, will they both be doing this 35 years from now when the next Friday the 13th Full Moon comes along?  Betcha the answer is “YES!”

Hobbit Hole (Nature Play)

Arb Hobbit Hole

This willow structure reminds me of a Hobbit Hole

School is finally out!  Time to enjoy the beautiful weather – outside!

Alex and I ventured out to the Arboretum to see the Butterfly Exhibit and search for Father’s Day (gifts) at the gift shop.  The butterflies were very friendly and landed on us, but would not stand for having their pictures taken!  (Hence, no photos of butterflies on our heads, hands and shoulders.)

One of Alex’s favorite things at the Arboretum is the Nature Play area under a huge shade tree.  Complete with tunnels, forts, pinecone doll house and even a “kitchen sink”, it definitely sparks the imagination!

Arb 002

Nature Play Area at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum – Chanhassen, MN

Arb 003

Arb 006

King of the Forest

Arb 007

Bear Den?

What a great place for kids to get some sun, fresh air, and re-energize.
More playgrounds should look like this!

Lost in the Polar Vortex


Sorry for the recent radio silence.  I have been hibernating.  Seriously.

According to the Winter Misery Index, we have had the worst winter in 30 years.
It has been brutal.  My brain has been frozen and dormant.  BUT Spring is peeking through the and melting the snow and ice, so it’s time to revive and get back to the business of living.



Do you wanna build a snowman?


A reprieve from the cold.

It’s +40F here in Minnesota.
The perfect day to build a snowman…and for his head to fall off a half hour later!  LOL

Delenn and I took a nice long walk and she was so happy.
Tail was wagging all the way. *doggie smile*  😀