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Bread. Really.


Attended the Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest last Saturday in Minneapolis and was treated to all kinds of gluten-free food samples, ranging from sweets to savories.

Among the many booths, a few really stood out for us.  We really enjoy Kinnikinnick treats, and they did not disappoint.  Samples of their donuts were like bits of heaven, as moist and tender as the regular kind – maybe even moreso!  The big guys Enjoy Life, Glutino Coconut Bliss and So Delicious all had yummy snacks to offer, and Grandpa’s Farm Organics was a surprise local (MN) favorite.

Living Paleo, we don’t eat many of the GF substitutes because grains are not nutrient-dense.  They’re just “filler foods” and may even contain anti-nutrients.  But.  Sometimes you just have a craving or want to fit in.  Enter bread…the one food item that is so very difficult to replace.

Thanks to Three Bakers, our search is over!  Wow.  Their white bread is just like the “real” thing.  Luckily our local co-op carries it, so we are in business!  The trade-off is that the loaves are smaller than in pre-celiac days.  But hey – who cares?!  My kiddo can now sometimes have a tasty sandwich in his lunch box, just like the other kids.  Love it.


As an aside, it was also fun to meet Erica Dermer of Celiac and the Beast  and Gina Passantino of DairyFreeGina in person!  See you next time!

Happy 14th Birthday to our Paleo Kitties!

Happiest 14th Birthday to our fluffy furbabies!
Panda & Raven enjoyed a Paleo Kitty breakfast of pastured raw egg yolks and raw chicken liver with a bit of their usual grain-free kibble/Stella & Chewy’s mix.  Happy Kitties!

Birthday Girls 14b


The Paleo View Comes to Minneapolis! #TPVBookTour

Stacy Toth and Dr. Sarah Ballantine

It was such a thrill to meet two of my Paleo heroes: Stacy Toth of Paleo Parents and Dr. Sarah Ballantine of The Paleo Mom!  Thank You for coming to frozen Minneapolis on your tour!

All three of the books presented at the signing are outstanding resources for anyone starting or continuing their Paleo journey, especially those with autoimmune conditions.  As someone who has been through the healing process from two autoimmune disorders (Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Celiac) I can attest to the effectiveness of this lifestyle change.

Nearly four months ago, I gave birth to a healthy, happy baby boy at the age of 47.
Testimony to the healing power of the Paleo lifestyle, if ever there was.  And I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight by Christmas, without “dieting” or “exercise” – as a matter of fact, the pants I’m wearing in the picture fit better now than before I got pregnant last year.

I highly encourage you to peruse both websites and all the books, as they have been of great help to me these past three years living the life.  [The Resources tab at the top of this page provides a list and links to the many great contributors I personally respect and follow online.]

Happy New Year!  I wish you HEALTH, wealth and happiness.
(Health most of all, because without it, the rest is moot.)

Pamela’s Paleo Life Blog Turned 2 Today

2 candle cupcake

A lot has happened in the two years since I began writing this blog.

Thank you so much to all who read and support me here at Pamela’s Paleo Life.
I have not posted much since Spring, as I have been quite busy living my life in the real world – as have so many of the Paleo bloggers this year.  Sometimes the internet can be a drag and you just need a break.

Besides, having a baby is rather all-consuming – at any age – but especially in your late forties.

I do intend to post about Paleo Pregnancy and being an older mother with the intention of sharing hope with others.  It may take a little time, as we are still in the sleep-deprived state of newborn bliss.  Max is nearly three months old now and sleeping more, but he has impeccable timing and wakes us just when we reach our deepest sleep state.  Oy.  

We also recently lost my father-in-law to pancreatic cancer, so there have been two really big changes to our family this Fall.

Anyway, here’s to two years of blogging!

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, and especially to my husband!

What a Dad

What a Dad!

The celebration started Saturday with a sampling of recipes from The Paleo Kitchen.
Fluffy Blueberry Pancakes and Lemon Raspberry Swirl Muffins were both outstanding –
as is everything George Bryant dreams up!

Sunday morning we had pastured eggs and bacon with tea – one of his favorite breakfasts.  We gave him his card and gift at breakfast, and he gave ME a card that said:

“Thank You for Giving me Father’s Day.”   Aww!  *sob*  

I spent much of the morning cooking while he played.  Mushrooms & onions, yams for Paleo Dough, roast chicken & carrots, marinating Asian chicken wings  and jerkybeef stock etc.

And after all that food prep, Hubby wanted to go out to eat.  He’d heard of a rotisserie restaurant called Brasa in Minneapolis, which must be as good as the blogs say because there was an hour and fifteen minute wait!  We knew the boy wouldn’t stand for that, so we ventured onward to the French Meadow Cafe.

Fathers Day 2014a

Plenty of gluten-free menu options, including dessert!  And they even have a dedicated fryer!  We got a table outside and enjoyed a beautiful evening. The boys were drinking lemonade.  On a whim, I dared my son to bite the lemon.  I really did not think he would do it, but…

All in good fun.  Happy Father’s Day!

Friday the 13th AND a Full Moon?!

Oy.  Sounds like quite the combo, huh?

Full Moon 06-13-2014  from Woodbury, MN

Full Moon 06-13-2014 from Woodbury, MN

Actually, other than a race-around-the-house black wildcat, and a silly run-around-like-a-puppy black lab it was a pretty normal day!

For me, anyway.

My son had lots of excitement in the evening when Dad taught him to shoot a gun for the very first time.  Hubby has been a trapshooter (like his father) since high school, so this was a BIG deal.  So on this auspicious day, the two of them headed out to the Horse & Hunt Club with much anticipation, only to discover it was CLOSED.

Oh, the horror!

A little online research then revealed another facility less than 20 minutes away, so off they went.  The boy took to it like a champ, not even flinching at the kickback.  He was so proud to show me his very first shell when he got home, smiling ear-to-ear.  One can see why trapshooting is such a rapidly growing sport in high schools.

Alex Shooting Glasses

Safety is the #1 priority!!

So I wonder, will they both be doing this 35 years from now when the next Friday the 13th Full Moon comes along?  Betcha the answer is “YES!”

Hobbit Hole (Nature Play)

Arb Hobbit Hole

This willow structure reminds me of a Hobbit Hole

School is finally out!  Time to enjoy the beautiful weather – outside!

Alex and I ventured out to the Arboretum to see the Butterfly Exhibit and search for Father’s Day (gifts) at the gift shop.  The butterflies were very friendly and landed on us, but would not stand for having their pictures taken!  (Hence, no photos of butterflies on our heads, hands and shoulders.)

One of Alex’s favorite things at the Arboretum is the Nature Play area under a huge shade tree.  Complete with tunnels, forts, pinecone doll house and even a “kitchen sink”, it definitely sparks the imagination!

Arb 002

Nature Play Area at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum – Chanhassen, MN

Arb 003

Arb 006

King of the Forest

Arb 007

Bear Den?

What a great place for kids to get some sun, fresh air, and re-energize.
More playgrounds should look like this!