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Magic Wand

Immersion Blender Blue

I’ve had one of these immersion blenders in my kitchen for a few years now.
It’s been used for smoothies, guacamole and Paleo Mayo.  Very handy that way.

Last night it demonstrated a new skill: pureeing soups.  I know, I know…so many people have posted recipes for carrot, squash or creamed broccoli soup, etc, but I had never actually tried them myself.  Although I’d thought it a good idea – perhaps one that was too complicated or messy.

Well, I made a basic turkey veggie soup, using up all the aging vegetables in the fridge: carrots, celery, onion, bok choy and zucchini.  My usual sautéed mushrooms and onions were missing, so combined with bone broth and rather dry, bland turkey lunchmeat, it made for a bland, boring meal.  [Like I said, I was using up the aging foods from the fridge…]  And the boy was really turned off by the idea of diced zucchini in his soup and refused to eat it.

I did not want the food to go to waste, so I got creative and whipped out the blender (a.k.a. the magic wand) and Presto! a new meal altogether.  And while I was at it, I enriched it with Bulletproof® Upgraded Collagen Protein Powder for even more gelatin goodness.

Served it up with some sweet potato chips and they loved it!  Two bowls each.
Dinner saved by the Magic Wand.  Harry Potter couldn’t have done it better!

pureed veggie soup

The Only Canister Good Enough to be “Bulletproof”

Bulletproof Canister

Got two myself!
One for Hubby’s coffee and another for the collagen.

Bulletproof Coffee® – the healthiest and best coffee on the planet.
Mmm…  There’s nothing quite like opening a fresh bag of beans!

But how to keep that freshness?  Well, Dave Asprey has cracked the code on that conundrum and developed the new Bulletproof® AirScape® canister that removes the air that makes coffee and other foodstuffs stale.  Sized perfectly for a pound of Bulletproof® Coffee beans.

Click HERE to get one for your Bulletproof® Coffee, Upgraded® Collagen protein powder or other dry goods.  Get another Bulletproof® Coffee Kit and Travel Mug while you’re at it!

It’ll keep you warm, lively and focused through the next Polar Vortex!

12 Days of Paleo Christmas!

The second annual edition of Pamela’s 12 Days of Paleo Christmas.
OK, so I listed more than twelve…the more, the merrier!   Enjoy!

[Product links provided below.]

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Gift ideas featured in Pamela’s 12 Days of Paleo Christmas:

Paleo Dough makes nearly anything savory or sweet: bread, biscuits, crackers, tortillas, pizza crust, dumplings, meat or fruit pie pockets etc.

Bulletproof Coffee and Kerrygold Butter (available at Costco and other stores)

Great Lakes Gelatin and Silicone Mold(s)


Downton Abbey Teas
Why is Downton Abbey Paleo?

Gather: the Art of Paleo Entertaining

Paleo Happy Hour

Bulletproof Activated Charcoal for rapid recovery from consuming anything dubious

Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salts  (available at Costco and other stores)

Red Apple Lipstick Products: lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner, lip balm, eyeliner, eyeshadow

Caveman Feast App for IOS or Android

Paleo Treats

Mabel’s Labels – for all the things people lose

Ball Mason Canning Jars for food storage and drinking

Primal Blueprint Boxed Set – ALL the Primal Blueprint books in one place

Evernote Market – amazing tools to keep organized at home or on the go

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My son has vacation from activities this last week before school starts.  He spent the first two days of it glued to the TV or playing games on the old cell phone.  Mamma was not happy.

So this morning before he woke up, I hid the TV remotes, the cell phone and locked the computer.  He complained loudly at first, but then re-discovered his Spoonerboard – a toy we’d gotten last summer that sat largely unused (due to lack of snow in winter) and then forgotten.  Boredom begets creativity…


Cucumber (Noodle) Salad!

Tested the Paderno vegetable spiral slicer on some cucumbers this evening.
Voila!  Cucumber Salad with a twist – literally.

Peeled the cucumbers, sliced off the bitter ends and ran them through the machine with the help of my trusty assistant Alex.  Salted generously and added snipped chives from the garden.  All done.  

This was really fun.  Some of the “noodles” were nearly 3 feet long!  Next up will be zucchini “zoodles” and sweet potato noodles.  Hmm…guess it’s time for a trip to the store…

spiral cucumber salad 001

Looks like spaghetti! Check out the length on those cucumber spirals!

spiral cucumber salad 004

Yup. Roll it up just like pasta. …Yeah…this is how we roll… *giggle*

What a Deal!

Facebook was alit with the news that the Paderno vegetable spiral slicer was 50% off.
Time to pounce!  Those zoodles were a hit!


Even though I wasn’t keen on more equipment to take up money and space, the price made it worth the bother.  I was surprised at how compact it is – much smaller than I anticipated.

I plan to make a variation on cucumber salad with it tonight, and some zoodles and sweet potato noodles this weekend.  This should be fun!