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MN BlogCon 2015


The 6th annual Minnesota Blogger Conference was held last Saturday in St. Paul, MN.

Highly informative breakout sessions and a great opportunity to meet fellow (local) bloggers made the event worthwhile.  WordPress and Securi were there to answer our most pressing questions, and there was even a professional photographer providing discounted headshots.

BlogCon 3

Twin Cities public relations operative Arik Hanson speaks to a jam-packed room at the Minnesota Bloggers Conference in St. Paul on Saturday, Nov. 14. Hanson spoke about seven new trends in blogging. (Pioneer Press: Julio Ojeda-Zapata) Standing room only! An excellent presentation on blog trends. That’s me in the upper left corner in white!

All considered, it was definitely worth the price of admission!

BlogCon 2a

I think I need to practice my selfie skills. LOL



FOUR Years of Paleo Living!


Wow, my 4-year anniversary of going Paleo…

I didn’t realize it had been that long until Sarah Ballantyne, The Paleo Mom
posted about her own 4-year anniversary, which is shortly before mine.

A lot of changes have happened in those four years!

Healed from two autoimmune conditions (Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Celiac),
lost 65+ lbs in the process, regained my fertility and had a baby at the age of 47!
Whew!  (Baby just turned One, btw.)

As I said in my Success Story published by Robb Wolf in 2012, I will NEVER go back to “Before”!

From this:

To this:

1st bday gift 5a

Mommy (48 years old) and Max on his First Birthday 09/09/2015

Spring Cleaning Time! (Part 1: the Bathroom)

It’s once again time for Spring Cleaning!

Let’s begin in the same place as our day usually starts – the Bathroom:
EWG’s Skin Deep database  rates personal care products for safety and their website also has a guide to safe household cleaners to get you started.

I personally love products from the Honest Company  in addition to vinegar, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide for cleaning, and Red Apple Lipstick far amazing safe, beautiful makeup.

personal care products


12 Days of Paleo Christmas!

The second annual edition of Pamela’s 12 Days of Paleo Christmas.
OK, so I listed more than twelve…the more, the merrier!   Enjoy!

[Product links provided below.]

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Gift ideas featured in Pamela’s 12 Days of Paleo Christmas:

Paleo Dough makes nearly anything savory or sweet: bread, biscuits, crackers, tortillas, pizza crust, dumplings, meat or fruit pie pockets etc.

Bulletproof Coffee and Kerrygold Butter (available at Costco and other stores)

Great Lakes Gelatin and Silicone Mold(s)


Downton Abbey Teas
Why is Downton Abbey Paleo?

Gather: the Art of Paleo Entertaining

Paleo Happy Hour

Bulletproof Activated Charcoal for rapid recovery from consuming anything dubious

Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salts  (available at Costco and other stores)

Red Apple Lipstick Products: lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner, lip balm, eyeliner, eyeshadow

Caveman Feast App for IOS or Android

Paleo Treats

Mabel’s Labels – for all the things people lose

Ball Mason Canning Jars for food storage and drinking

Primal Blueprint Boxed Set – ALL the Primal Blueprint books in one place

Evernote Market – amazing tools to keep organized at home or on the go

*Disclosure: Some of these links are affiliates and I may receive a commission from purchases.

Sugar is Evil

Sugar is Evil.  

Why do we love something so destructive so very much?  Evolutionary Biologists claim we are hard-wired to pursue the sweet stuff and consume as much as possible as a survival mechanism.  In whole food form, sugars in fruits and veggies attract us to foods rich in fibers, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.  However, we humans are just too clever for our own good.  We isolate the sugars from the fiber and other plant nutrients, leaving us with something that becomes toxic on its own in quantity.

After watching Dr. Robert Lustig’s lecture Sugar: the Bitter Truth a couple years ago, I’ve made concerted effort to consume whole fruits and honey instead of processed and other natural sugars like maple syrup or evaporated cane juice (which are separated from the whole plant) to satisfy my desire for sweetness.

I understand only too well that I am a recovering “Sugar Hound” and must be cautious of the slippery slope that is the sweet stuff.  Keeping blood sugar steady is of utmost importance for those of us with autoimmunity and vigilance is required to avoid candida overgrowth, from which I suffered nearly my entire life – and am currently battling again due to the (necessary) use of antibiotics.

I recently viewed another lecture by the good Dr. Lustig: Fat Chance: Fructose 2.0 which reinforces avoidance of high fructose corn syrup and other processed/natural sugars outside whole food form due to its overall toxicity as well as its special contribution to obesity.

I encourage you to watch both of these.  They are important and worth your time!



The Gluten Summit

Gluten Summit Banner

The live version of The Gluten Summit hosted by Dr. Tom O’Bryan is now over, but still available via all-access digital subscription for only $67 at

I learned so much from all the expert presenters – even from those I’d followed before!  Some of my favorites were Dr. Natascha Campbell-McBride, Dr. Alessio Fasano, Dave Asprey  and Dr. Peter Osborne.

Especially if you are celiac or gluten-sensitive, learn as much as you can about true gluten-free living and overall health from this amazing team of experts.  Check it out!  I’m glad I did!

Election Day…Did YOU Vote?!

I Voted 2013

Our city voted for School Board members and funding referendums today.

We are so fortunate to live in a place that gives us the right to an opinion AND the right to vote and make a difference!  Apparently even my dog gets a say:

Delenn Vote 1

Last year Delenn received a mailing to vote. Oh my.

Whatever your position – exercise your right to VOTE!!

My Interview with Alison Golden on Paleo/

PaleoNonPaleo logo

Click this image to read it!

I recently had the honor of doing a “Paleo Success Story” interview with Alison Golden of PaleoNonPaleo.  And it published TODAY!  Yippee!

I hope my experience inspires and encourages others to make a positive lifestyle change.  Lord knows it’s not easy, but IS SO WORTH IT!

Oh, Baby!

It’s Big Brother on Steroids.

Back in February, I received this in the mail one day:

Target Baby 02-07-2013a

Target Baby Coupon Book

And I said out loud:

What’s this?!  Do they know something I don’t?!

Yes, in fact they DID.  This combined with a few other signals made me test the next day and the results were positive.  Several days before my “missed” period.  HOW did they know?!

A recent online article described how Nordstrom notified customers they were tracking shopping behaviors using the Wi-Fi in their cell phones.  And most of us find it disturbing.

My husband and I were discussing this in the car and he shared that he’d recently met a former Target IT guy who worked on the project that gathered customer information for marketing predictions and shared with him how uncanny it was that this (above) had happened.  He was told it was no accident.

Target knew I was pregnant before I did thanks to facial recognition technology used in the stores, combined with W-Fi phone ID.  The program detects certain facial changes that correspond to pregnancy.  So just days before receiving this booklet, I went into Target and the system recognized that facial measurement change and triggered the mailing.  [They also use this technology for security purposes, identifying shoplifters and alerting security whenever those individuals enter a store.]

Target has been using this face recognition/comparison technology for about 3 1/2 years according to this former IT employee who worked on the project.  Only Target didn’t inform its customers.  It’s one thing to analyze purchasing behaviors per this article, but to use such sophisticated technology is over the top.  I certainly never expected to be told I was pregnant by a marketing mailer!!

I was aware of purchasing behavior analysis – compiled using credit card purchase information, but this is downright creepy.  I tell you what, if I ever need to buy such a test in the future I will DEFINITELY pay cash!  Although I’m told that’s no assurance, as they’re working on a way to identify and track those people too…

Target Baby 02-07-2013b-edited-1
Notice how the booklet said I had registered – but I had not.