Resources I used on my journey and Blogs I love to read:

Mark’s Daily Apple  The Primal Blueprint series with Mark Sisson

Robb Wolf  The Paleo Solution and more

The Paleo Mom  Autoimmune Protocol, Recipes and more

Gluten Free Society with Dr. Peter Osborne

Primal Girl with Tara Grant – featuring her book The Hidden Plague (an excellent guide to autoimmunity) and the BEST Paleo Dough recipe EVER!

PaleoNonPaleo  Living Paleo in a Non-Paleo World

The Fat-Burning Man with Abel James

Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations with George Bryant

Chris Kresser  Integrative Medicine

Bulletproof Executive with Dave Asprey

Balanced Bites with Diane Sanfillipo (Practical Paleo) and Liz Wolfe

Real Food Liz  with Liz Wolfe

Everyday Paleo  with Sara Fragoso

Paleo Parents  Eat Like a Dinosaur and more

Mom Gone Paleo with Laura Channell

Paleo for Women  with Stephanie Ruper

The Food Lover’s Kitchen  Bill and Hayley’s recipes

Becoming Minimalist and Unclutterer  Great guides to decluttering

FastPaleo  Recipes

Nom Nom Paleo  Recipes

Red Apple Lipstick  Gluten-Free/Paraben-Free Makeup: mineral-based lipstick, liner, gloss, balm, eyeshadows, primer and mascara

Environmental Working Group  Annually updated Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides and Skin Deep rate safety of food and personal products

Mercola  Education, home and nutrition products

Dr. Tom O’Bryan  Gluten Sensitivity Education and the AWESOME GI Shield / Glutenza product to protect from cross-contamination of 8 allergens including gluten & casein

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