The Bulletproof Cookbook is Finally Here!

The Bulletproof cookbook is HERE at last! NO other cookbook was able to recreate classic recipes—traditional recipes everyone craves (even your non-paleo/anti-Bulletproof friends and family)—until now… Here’s what’s inside… • Traditional Recipes Made Bulletproof – Make all your former favorites healthy enough to be bulletproof with easy to prepare substitutions for nearly every single kryptonite food […]

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, and especially to my husband! The celebration started Saturday with a sampling of recipes from The Paleo Kitchen. Fluffy Blueberry Pancakes and Lemon Raspberry Swirl Muffins were both outstanding – as is everything George Bryant dreams up! Sunday morning we had pastured eggs and bacon with tea […]

Trail Mix Bites

Spring Cleaning time is approaching and I am starting with the cupboards and pantry this year.  I had a few partial packages of baking goods to use up, so I made some bite-sized snacks for lunches, etc. I happened to have some shredded coconut, raisins and chocolate mini-chips, but one could add nuts, seeds and […]

Magic Wand

I’ve had one of these immersion blenders in my kitchen for a few years now. It’s been used for smoothies, guacamole and Paleo Mayo.  Very handy that way. Last night it demonstrated a new skill: pureeing soups.  I know, I know…so many people have posted recipes for carrot, squash or creamed broccoli soup, etc, but […]

2013 in Review: Rollercoaster Year

Happy New Year, Everyone!  Sad to say I didn’t make it to midnight.  So close! This was the first year Alex tried to stay up until midnight, but by 11pm or so we were both teetering – and NOT from alcohol! We collapsed into our beds without seeing the sparkly ball drop.  Oh well, maybe […]

Curcurbit Crazy at Pumpkin Palooza!

The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum hosts a Pumpkin Palooza every Fall. The varieties of squash and pumpkin are AMAZING!  Check out these pix! And it just wouldn’t be Fall without our favorite pumpkin recipes! Use George’s Banana Bread recipe and substitute roasted pumpkin for the banana!  YUM! Pumpkin is George’s favorite!  Here are a bunch of his (Caveman) […]

Paleo Faileo

I’d like to think I’ve become a good cook over the years, but every once in a while I flop big time.  This was one of those times. *sigh* I attempted the General Tso’s Chicken recipe from Gather and my boys hated it – as in – would. NOT. eat. it.  I am so disappointed. […]