New Kittens!

Regular readers will do a double-take when they see our new furbabies!

A week ago they arrived at our house courtesy of a friend that rescued them from feral living.  After some adjustment, they’ve become quite at home here with us.  Panda was rather accepting from the beginning, but Raven still has to be won over completely.  She will tolerate them up to a distance of about 2 feet, but any closer = hissy-fit time.

It’s so ironic that the cats look alike – it was fate!

Remi 11-14-2015

Mr. Remi(ington)

Ella 11-14-2015b

Miss Ella





feeding kittens 1a

Who needs a dog when you have two growing kittens in the house?! Max has already learned to feed them off his tray – and has a grand time doing it.

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