Lightning Strikes Twice!

Who knew?!

Against all odds, I find myself pregnant (again) at the age of 46.
This time, all is well and we are expecting a healthy baby boy in September.

Baby Max Ultrasound 03-14-2014a

OK, it’s a bit like looking at clouds, but take my word for it – it’s a healthy baby boy!

The past three months have been somewhat of a fatigued blur and I am so looking forward to Spring and sunshine!  As a Paleo mom, I am making extra effort to eat nutrient-dense foods and have avoided most cravings with the one exception of a gluten-free burger and fries (with everything but cheese) from Ernie’s.  That was a doozie – for three days I was literally drooling in my sleep dreaming of it!  LOL  

So begins a new adventure for our family…

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