Getting Organized in the New Year

Every January, resolutions are made to get organized.

Books and blogs are read.  Lists are made.
Pinterest boards are updated.   We dream.
Donations get sorted and sent away.
Stores have entire departments devoted to tubs, baskets, bags and more.

Feeling guilty yet?  Me too.

I’m in hibernation mode and probably will not begin these activities until it’s time for Spring cleaning, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be prepared when the mood strikes.

One of my favorite tools for keeping (and retrieving the lost!) things is Mabel’s Label’s.  I’ve been using their products for at least 5 years now and love them.  They are cute, durable and functional.  A must for children’s items!  [Lost mittens are the scourge of Minnesota parents!]  Mabel makes Waterproof, UV-resistant labels for just about everything:

  • Clothing/Shoes (special kits for Preschoolers and Seniors)
  • Sports Equipment and Bags
  • Allergy Alerts and Safety ID bracelets
  • Books, Bins, Canisters, Classroom and Craft Supplies
  • Kitchen and Garage
  • Write-On/Wipe-Off
  • QR Barcode Storage

I recently reviewed my label supply and ordered a few items we were out of.  No surprise we needed more Tag Mates™ for my son (he’s growing again!) and Skinny Minis™ for all the new Christmas gift items he carries with him (books, toys, etc.)

Just looking at all these useful products is inspirational.  Let’s take a peek!

family organized

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