Happy Thanksgiving!

Gratitude is the key to happiness.
So take time today to reflect on all the Blessings in your lives and be content.

Ferndale turkeys

Many Thanks to Ferndale Farms for our turkey!

Turkey 1

This is one time it really pays to save all those bacon drippings!
Brush the bird with melted bacon fat for moist meat and crispy skin!

We are waiting for this lovely 14lb local pastured bird to roast, playing with Legos and preparing our son’s Family History display for his Window Week at school.

Turkey 4

Almost done!
Well, with the main cooking part anyway. Still has to rest/brown/rest again per America’s Test Kitchen.

My mouth is watering – this turkey smells soo good!  Ferndale Farms turkeys are the tastiest – a very special holiday treat.  This yummy bird will be accompanied by some fresh salad, garnet yams, acorn squash, bacon green beans w/mushrooms & onions, Paleo dough rolls and followed by pumpkin pie custard.  Mmm…


The Aftermath:

Aftermath 2

Debone the carcass after it has cooled, wearing disposable gloves.  All set for soup!
*Note to Self: next time search harder for the giblet bag whilst prepping the bird…

The Paleo pets got in on the action too, feasting on crispy skin and deboned turkey meat.

*whisker-lickin’ good!*

So full.  Dessert has to come later…

pumpkin custard 1

Pumpkin custard – the pie without the crust. Who actually eats the crust anyway?!

A wonderful feast with a wonderful family.  We are so Blessed.

Spend this day with your Tribe – NOT shopping!  We never seem to get enough time with loved ones as it is.  Let’s not destroy this beautiful tradition by making so many people leave their family celebrations to work or spend money.  

When our time comes, what will we remember?  Surely not the working or shopping.
It will be these days where we come together and honor tradition(s) and each other. 

no shopping Thxgvg

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