Happy Halloween!

Halloween 2008a

Raven posing with the Pumpkin treat-or-treat bag

Happy Halloween!  This is a fun holiday for kids, as they can pretend to be anything.
(Not that they can’t do that any other time of year, but the costumes are better!)

When I was a kid, it was all about the candy.  Still is for most kids, I think – which is of concern to health-conscious parents like me.  What to do?

In past years our son would go trick-or-treating and bring home lots of junk.  We would sort out a few of the less yukky treats for him to eat and then offered him money for rest – a trade he happily made.  Said treats then went to Hubby’s office or the trash.  The boy got to have fun going around the neighborhood with his friends, participating in the fun without the sugar-coma consequences.

Other strategies to distract from the candy-coma frightfulness:

Focus on the costumes.

Make homemade Paleo-ized treats.  Less yukky stuff.
There might be some sugar – but not the chemicals, colorants, gluten and other nasties.

We made some copycat tootsie rolls from the Paleo Parents Halloween Round-Up.
Also enjoying some of the lollipops we’re handing out to the Trick-or-Treaters.


Play some music and have a dance party.



“It’s just a Thriller!”…
(click to see the video – it’s hilarious!)


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