Pain Paste is Good for Dogs Too!

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Our 14-year old Labrador Delenn has severe arthritis.  Her range of motion is limited and she is often stiff in the mornings and struggles to get up and down.  The vet has her on doggie NSAIDs, but lately I sense it’s not enough.

Out of curiosity, I researched the safety of medicinal herbs and spices for dogs online.
It turns out that cinnamon, turmeric and ginger are all safe for dogs!

So we tried adding a dose of my pain paste capsules to her food.
I had just made a batch and had plenty on hand.

Birthday Food 048

Definitely wear gloves and use table covering when handling turmeric – it stains everything!

She ate them up along with her other medications (for heart murmur) that I embed in a small spoonful of bacon fat and add to her grain-free kibble.

A half hour later she’s napping peacefully without panting, snoring or twitching.  Wow.

I am so glad this helps her!  She’s on the maximum safe dosage for her Rimadyl already and she refuses to take the Tramadol, which used to help. (She will eat all the bacon fat and somehow manage to spit out just the Tramadol tablet!). 

Now she’s a happy dog.

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