Healing Update

Nearly six months ago I had a medical emergency which left me physically and emotionally depleted.  Anemic from blood loss and weak from the experience, antibiotics destroyed my gut flora and the stress induced adrenal fatigue.  It’s been a long process, but  I’m finally feeling almost *normal*.

Since the antibiotic treatment, I’ve been sensitive to many foods that weren’t a problem before: egg whites, coffee, chocolate, nuts, tapicoa, and even small amounts of white rice were bothersome in addition to the usual gluten, casein, lectins, and glycoalkaloids (nightshades).  Some caused significant inflammation and pain.  Cross-reactivity is a beast.

Yes, I know: be patient.  That’s much easier said than done.
We want to be back to our old selves pronto!  I am no exception.

Healing and recovery is/has been a two-pronged approach:

  1. Remove the irritants: gluten, casein, lectins, phytates, etc.  Usually in the form of grains, legumes and dairy.
  2. Consume the building blocks the body needs to heal: bone broth! organ meats and bone marrow;  fermented foods such as lacto-fermented sauerkraut, kimchee or kombucha; plenty of grass-fed, pastured meats, eggs and wild fish;  clean, organic fruits and vegetables; and commercial probiotics from reliable sources.

This time it took a bit more time and effort to heal than the first go-around.  I was so frustrated I resorted to following the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP).  Sarah of The Paleo Mom is a scientist and provides some of the very best guidance in autoimmune disease healing available.  Her insights proved very valuable to me on this leg of my journey.  Thanks, Sarah!

So  after all that, I was very pleased to have NO apparent reaction to the ingredients in the carrot cake cream pies we ate for Hubby’s birthday last night!  Almond butter – check.  Eggs – check.  NO shooting pains down my legs in the middle of the night, NO creaking and cracking and ripping of joints getting out of bed the next morning, NO congestion.  NO pain.

Glory Hallelujah!

I even nibbled a few Enjoy Life chocolate mini-chips since they were right there in the baking cupboard…I can’t tell you what a relief it is to know I may be able to eat these foods again on a regular basis.  Lord knows, I’ve missed my (gluten/dairy/soy-free) chocolate, eggs, nuts and seed-based spices!

And I’m finally losing the weight from pregnancy and the autoimmune flare afterward.  From a vanity perspective, I’d gotten used to looking good and wanted to fit into all my size 6 clothes again.  After losing 65+ lbs the first go-round, it’s been really tough on the ego to struggle with this. Restoring my health and energy are the top priority, but looking good is definitely the proverbial cherry on top!

cherry on top

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