School Lunches for Paleo Kids

Laptop Lunch Kit

We love our Laptop Lunches kits! No baggies required.

So how many of you have run out of lunchbox ideas for your kid(s) already?  Me too.
We brought our best the first few weeks of school, but then the enthusiasm waned.

Already made the taco pockets, beef stew, banana bread and caveman crack.  What’s next?  

My son’s class is nut-free due to allergies, which limits those options.  I’ve been using the old stand-bys of burger patties, grilled chicken thighs, grass-fed beef hot dogs and turkey rollups along with veggies and fruits.  Time to fire up the imagination and get creative again.  That’s hard once we get into a routine…

So, some ideas using Tara’s Paleo Magic Wonder Dough:

taco pockets with salsa or guacamole
pizza pockets with marinara
burger pockets with ketchup
apple pie pockets with cinnamon
other fruit pockets
paleo dough buns on the side…

The variations on taco pockets are like a mini-sandwich of sorts – fun finger food that’s perfect for the lunchbox.  Only problem I’ve had is that they’re so yummy they don’t make it to the lunchbox the next morning – so make plenty of extras!

Let’s compile a list of Paleo Kids lunch ideas to share in the Comments!

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