Family Reunion Weekend

Just returned from a Family Reunion in Chetek, Wisconsin.

It was nice to visit with everyone, especially with the recent loss of a beloved uncle.  One of the cousins owns a cabin on the lake and hosted the event.  Along with the usual water and lawn activities, we were entertained by Bald Eagles flying overhead and fishing the lake.

Chetek 011a

Chetek is a cute little town where everything is closed by 5pm except the bars, restaurants and gas stations (even the coffee house shut down at 4:30!)  There’s also an old-fashioned 50’s-style corner diner!

The local Rod ‘n’ Gun shop was a hit with Hubby and Son.

Chetek 6

Good thing we don’t have a hitch on our car or… 

Chetek 012

We lived on the lake in Duluth for 6 years, so I’m done with launching and maintaining these.

With so many relatives attending, we decided to stay at a local resort.  Hubby went all out and got us the Waterfall Hot Tub Suite, located 20 feet from the Tiki Bar.

Gilligan's 7

Yup, that’s a real waterfall right there.

The views from our room and patio:

Gilligan's 6

Our Labrador was thrilled to be on the water again. She has never forgiven us for moving off the lake.

Chetek 008

A blue heron enjoying the morning quiet.

So what about the (Paleo) food?  Well, it turns out we had to bring ALL of our edibles with us.  I called ahead to the resort’s restaurant and asked if they had any gluten-free options on the menu.


OK.  So can any items be modified, avoiding cross-contamination?


So I spent Friday morning grilling grass-fed burgers and steak, frying tortillas and nightshade-free taco meat, and gathering fruits and veggies for side dishes and snacks.  And as most gatherings go, the only gluten- and dairy-free options were the fruit and veggie platters.  But truth be told, we ate better than everyone else!  (We just had to transport and store all of it.)

We’ll be doing it all over again in two years.  Lessons learned?

  • Don’t even think about getting a room anywhere near a Tiki Bar (a lack of sleep is decidedly NON-Paleo!)
  • Do the cooking a full day in advance.  It was cutting it close the morning of the trip – that meat needs enough time to chill for transport.  Same goes for any Paleo baked goods such as tortillas.
  • Bring some warm clothes even if the forecast is for hot weather – we forgot about the evening firepit, and Saturday was windy and cold despite the sunny forecast.
  • Do leave the phone chargers at home (as we did) to really unplug.
  • Maybe rent a larger vehicle?!  LOL  Oh wait…that might have a hitch…cancel that.
Lund 20a

Family Pic for the album

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