Primal Girl’s Magic Wonder Dough Recipe Review

Get It:  Magical Multipurpose Paleo & Primal Dough Recipe

This recipe is amazing!  Tara Grant has outdone everyone with this Primal / Paleo Magic Wonder Dough recipe!  It is versatile and makes pizza crust, rolls/buns, breadsticks, crackers, tortillas and a few thing we haven’t thought of yet!

Primal Dough 1

We have sooo missed tortillas with our taco meat!  Usually we eat it atop a small bed of lettuce as a taco salad – which is nice, but just not the same.  Primal Girl to the rescue!

I followed the recipe instructions using garnet yams as my tuber of choice and fried them in bacon fat.  They were AWESOME!  And they really did taste cheesy!  Absolutely amazing for those of us who cannot eat dairy and miss that flavor combination.  My son was crazy for them and stuffed himself silly, begging for me to make more the next day.

Paleo Wonder Dough 2 

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