Thunder and Lightning and Musical Bears…Oh My!

Early this morning we had a doozy of a thunderstorm move through, complete with house-shaking thunder, lightning and what sounded like hail.  We awoke about 3 am to an intense thunder-boom and the sound of “Jingle Bells”.

My son has an old Hallmark teddy bear that plays the song when the paw is squeezed.
It was really creepy that it started playing on its own in the upstairs playroom after the thunder struck.  Either the thunder shaking or the electrical power of lightning activated it.  Oy.

Storm Jingle Bear

Once the sun came up, we checked out the yard and were fortunate to find only one tree damaged.  Many more in the area were down.  Power outages were common around the metro.  I am so grateful ours are buried underground.

Storm 2

The silver lining in this dark cloud was the first rose bloom of the season.

First Rose 2

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