Sunday Morning Kibble Klatsch

Kibble Klatsch

Delenn’s Kibble Klatsch has become the daily neighborhood newswire

Windows are open, listening to Delenn’s Kibble Klatsch – the neighborhood dog conversation.  It’s kinda like the dog “telephone” in 101 Dalmations, where all the dogs relayed a message across the countryside to find the stolen puppies…

Periodically throughout the day, she starts woofing for no apparent reason.  It vexed me for the longest time until I realized she was talking to her buddy across the street.  If I’m outside or the windows are open, I can hear the other dog barking and Delenn’s answer.

Very interesting…

My son asked if the cats have their own Kibble Klatsch, and I told him theirs is a much quieter version.  Sneaky, in fact.  It’s like a feline form of Morse code, done with eye blinks and tail twitches.

dot. dot. dash…

Just Kidding!  Happy SUNday!  LOL

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