Secret to the TASTIEST Gummi Snacks

Here’s the Ticket: Cascadian Farms frozen Organic Grape Juice!

gummi snacks 003

I used the recipe from an earlier post for Lego Gummi Snacks.  Dilute the frozen juice just enough to make 2 cups.  For each cup of juice, add 6 tbsp (2/3 cup total) of grass-fed gelatin until dissolved.  Pour into the silicone molds and chill until firm.  

So good I was scraping the last bits from the pan!  (Citrus gelatin gummi mixture usually tastes a bit nasty until well-chilled.)  These gummi snacks are on the sweet side as they have a fair amount of fruit sugar.  But hey, if it will get the child to eat the gelatin…

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