Lego Gummi Snacks

Everyone has been making them lately: gelatin gummi snacks.  [Me too!  Me too!]

Gelatin has undisputed healing properties.  It’s good for the gut as well as your hair, nails and skin ~ and one gets tired of plain bone broth.

I first saw the recipe(s) on Kehoe’s Kitchen Facebook page for citrus, coconut and peppermint jellies, then I found Tulsi tea gelee,  Gut-Healing Gummy Snacks, and a probiotic gummy candy version.  They all looked so good, and I plan to try them all in good time.

My first attempt at making them with Naked brand Mango juice worked, but were bland.  Somehow the gelatin sucks up the sweet fruit flavor.  I think that is why the blueberry fruit recipe contains lemon juice.

So then, we tried lemon.  They were good, but a little too sour for our taste.

Next up: LIME.  As in sublime.  The juice I used was very sour, so I added some sugar to it as I knew the gelatin would not be able to tame that pucker power.

Gummi 7

The lime juice came in a 16 oz bottle, so I made a double batch.  The ratio for juice gummies is 6 tbsp gelatin to 1 cup liquid (2/3 cup gelatin to the 2 cups of juice).  After taste-testing, I ended up using nearly a cup of sugar – but that juice was really sour to begin with.

Begin my pouring the juice into a saucepan and sprinkling the gelatin over it.  Allow it to rest at room temperature for about 5 minutes to moisten and soften the gelatin.  (If you skip this, it will clump!)

Gummi 4

Once all the gelatin is moistened, add the desired amount of sugar.  Heat on medium-low and stir occasionally until all the gelatin and sugar is dissolved.  Pour liquid into silicone molds or a glass baking dish and place in refrigerator for at least 3 hours until gelatin is very firm.  Pop out of the molds, into a container and keep refrigerated.  They are very firm and hold their shape well (think Jell-O Jigglers, only good for you!)

Enjoy that squishy, squeaky, tart goodness!

Gummi 5

I found these fun Lego brick, minifigure and gummi bear silicone molds online at Amazon.

Gummi 3

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