My Girls Are 12 Years Old

How time flies when you’re having fun!  …So the saying goes.  I cannot believe Panda and Raven have been with us for 12 years.  Here they are exploring their new home in Duluth, MN shortly after arriving back in 2001.  Curious, 5-month-old kittens with sweet dispositions and a great talent for hunting mice and birds.  Seems like yesterday.

Panda & Raven 1

In Duluth, we lived way out in the country on a lake, so the girls were free to roam and hunt as they pleased.  They brought home mice, shrews, birds, chipmunks and partridge (grouse).  Panda was even known to go after deer – hence her nickname “Deerstalker”!  (Of course she never even got close, but that didn’t stop her!)

in stalking mode

Silly Kitty!

Panda Another Tree Hugger

Ravi did love chasing birds in that backyard maple tree…

Cat in the Hat Panda 2005

Yes, this IS Photoshopped! LOL

In 2006, we relocated back to the Twin Cities and they became full-time house cats.  They were none too pleased to be kept inside all the time, especially with all those juicy, well-fed birdies and squirrels in the backyard!

red cardinal alert 02-24-2008a hunters 02-01-2008b Panda Perch 02-29-2008a Raven 02-29-2008f

We’ve had some good times, and they still love sitting in the porch or window chattering at the birds (what I call their “Bird Alert”) trying to get those tasty little morsels to come to them.  The big ones (crows) excite them even more.  Such is the life of a suburban housecat.

To keep them healthy, we feed our girls a grain-free diet that includes the occasional bit of meat, eggs or fish.  Their special Birthday treat was a tin of sardines – their favorite!

Ravi eating sardines



3 thoughts on “My Girls Are 12 Years Old

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  2. pprinkkila Post author

    Forgot to include the kitties’ mousing services performed since we moved to Eden Prairie. Until we found and plugged the hole where mice were entering the house, if the kitties heard so much as a “scritchy-scratch” they were a crack team on a “Seek and Destroy” mission. No survivors. Such Good Hunters!


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