What’s For Dinner?

Let’s see…one leftover steak and three people to feed…

Sometimes leftovers create some of the best meals by accident.  I usually save small portions of leftover meat for stir fry, but tonight found myself without the accompanying vegetables.  I do however, nearly always have sautéed mushrooms and onions in the fridge.  Tonight there also happened to be some fresh green beans I’d meant to fry up in bacon grease.  Hmm…small change of plans…

First, I sliced up the steak as if I were making stir fry and browned it well in ghee, salting it to taste.  Then added a generous helping of mushrooms and onions (also sautéed in ghee) until well-heated and flavors melded.  Set the meat aside and added freshly snipped green beans to the pan with a little water, covered and steamed until tender.

Piled the green beans on each plate with a helping of steak, mushrooms and onions atop.  Yummy!  It was gone so fast there wasn’t any time to capture it in photos!

Mushrooms & Onions are so versatile and handy to have in the fridge.  Slice your onions either manually or with a food processor (I prefer the latter), salt generously and sauté in ghee until browned.  Set onions aside in a bowl and sauté the mushrooms in ghee, salting generously.  When well-browned, combine onions and mushrooms thoroughly, cool and keep refrigerated in an airtight container for up to a week.  The generous salting will help preserve and extend its usefulness.  Add to eggs, vegetables, atop meats, or anything else you can dream up.  Yum!

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