Paleo Treats: Sweets for the Sweet

Valentine’s Day is coming fast – don’t be caught unprepared!  If there is one holiday that is associated with chocolate, this it it.  Don’t fancy chocolates?  Paleo Treats has nut butter and coconut options too.  So treat your loved one(s) right with these incredible morsels – all the goodness without the garbage!

Looking for a delicious Paleo dessert?

Founded in 2009, we strive to make the best Paleo Treats™ on the planet. We hold taste and ingredients in equally high regard. All our paleo foods are handmade, with a limited shelf life, like real food is meant to be.

No gluten — No grain — No dairy!


With the Build-A-Box option, create your own delicious combination of these four treats!
Paleo Treats guarantees your 100% satisfaction.  Order your own treats HERE or by clicking the images in this post and automatically receive 5% off your order!

I have a box en route filled with a selection of Brownie Bombs, Mac Attacks and Mustang Bars.  (I would have ordered all four choices, but goji berries are nightshades and must be avoided due to my autoimmunity issues.)  Valentine’s Day is our 14th Wedding Anniversary, and an extra-special day should be commemorated with an extra-special meal and dessert.  I believe the Brownie Bombs will be very fitting indeed.

Customer Service at Paleo Treats is outstanding.  I got a phone call from Nik shortly after placing my order, informing me of Mustang Bar availability.  They bake all of their products in small batches, ensuring they come to you FRESH.  He wanted to be sure I was OK waiting for the next run to be ready before shipping the box (only another day) – or did I need those Brownie Bombs and Mac Attacks immediately?  

It’s hard to delay gratification, but these ARE worth the wait.

But order yours NOW to ensure delivery in time for Valentine’s Day!  Enjoy!


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