Yes, I’m Officially an Offal Chef

Yes, I am officially an Offal Chef, like the apron says!  I made liver & onions for the first time.  Yesterday I had to clear out the freezer for our next portion of beef, and the liver was the last item to go.  Hmm…What to do with that?

Well, I turned to my trusty friends in the Paleosphere for guidance.  Melissa from Clothes Make the Girl to the rescue!  I’m a huge fan of Cook’s Illustrated and America’s Test Kitchen, so when I saw that she modeled her recipe after theirs, I knew it would turn out well.

The sauteed onions were divine, and the lemon parsley ghee was a lovely contrast to the rich organ meat.  I remember that I liked liver as a child, but have not eaten it since, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  I liked it.  My husband did too.  And my son actually ate it!  Wow!  I just told him it was beef: “the most nutritious part of the cow”.  We were already fans of chicken livers/pate, but this was his first experience with beef liver.

Good thing I figured out what to do with this stuff, because more arrived in the new beef bundle!

Apron 1a


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