Chicken Soup Time!

Chicken Stock 001

Well, it seems the news reports are true: we have an especially bad cold and flu season upon us.  Our family has avoided most illness for the past two years, other than a minor cold.  But despite all our good intentions and efforts to stay healthy, we got hit this past weekend with some sort of virus.

Granted, we did not suffer nearly as much or as long as our friends and neighbors – but it certainly wasn’t a pleasant weekend being stuck on the couch, too tired to do anything more than eat chicken soup and watch movies.  Needless to say, the chicken stock has been depleted.

So, it’s time to replenish the chicken bone broth supply!  The photo above shows (4) small roasted chicken carcasses/necks with mirepoix, ready to simmer overnight.  I follow the same process outlined in my beef bone broth recipe.

There’s just nothing like chicken soup on a cold Minnesota winter day – period.


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