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Wine by Gianni Dominici

I have been reading many articles about detoxing and cleansing for the New Year.  Since I recently had an unexpected food sensitivity reaction, I thought it wise to consider the possibility it may have been due to mycotoxins in a nut/seed product and explore cleansing methods and decided to get some activated charcoal to remove any toxins and/or bad bacteria from my system.

This weekend we attended an event where I consumed about 2-3 glasses of wine throughout the evening – and discovered just how differently a body eating Paleo reacts to alcohol.  After we got home, as my husband and I were chatting…I suddenly didn’t feel so good.

I was nauseous and began sweating bullets – and I mean dripping, head to toe.  I’ve never felt that way in my entire life.  Not even during those college “alcohol experimentation” days.  It kept getting worse and I got worried.  We reviewed foods eaten – only a well-cooked chicken appetizer (which I had made) and fresh grapes – neither of which made him ill.  What did I drink?  Only wine.  I gazed at my hubby in desperation.  He said it was probably the sulfites in the wine.  Oh boy, this was NOT good.

Then I remembered the bottle of activated charcoal.  The description said it absorbed all kinds of toxic substances and pathogenic bacteria – so why not?  I asked him to bring it and promptly put 2 capsules down the hatch.  Guess what?  Within minutes my symptoms subsided.  I was so relieved.  Apparently this stuff works!  Thanks for the tip, Bulletproof Executive!

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