The Primal Connection is now available for Pre-Order!

Pre-Order! The latest book by Mark Sisson, author of the Primal Blueprint series.

It will be an excellent addition to the collection. Order yours TODAY! 🙂

The Primal Connection: Follow Your Genetic Blueprint to Health and Happiness

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A guide to fulfilling those New Year’s resolutions of becoming happy and healthy!  Building upon the wisdom of The Primal Blueprint series, further enhance your well-being:

The Primal Connection is about setting your own daily pace, redefining your core values, and making time for play, for thrilling adventures, for quiet reflection, for friends and family, and for optimal rest and rejuvenation–while still enjoying the comfort and convenience of modern life!

Time To Get Primal!

*Go barefoot–cures foot and back pain
*Play in the dirt–boosts mood and immune function
*Wear sunglasses at night–promotes sound sleep
*Family before Facebook–strengthens your inner circle
*Commune with nature–relieves stress at the biochemical level
*Power down when you should–learn to single-task
*Cultivate an attitude of gratitude–appreciate simple gifts, roll with punches
*Redefine wealth–includes free time, fun, and fitness too

Publication date is January 8th – can’t wait to read it!

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