Happy New Year!

China Night - Opening Night of the Market - 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival


Happy New Year!  I wish you all Health, Wealth and Happiness in 2013!

Afraid I missed the ball drop – went to bed early as usual.  Practicing what I preach about healthy sleep habits and reaping said rewards.

Reflections 2012…

The year began with me working as a Human Resources Consultant.

Celebrated my 13th Wedding Anniversary and 45th Birthday.

Achieved weight loss total of 60+ lbs. and physical regeneration from the inside out.

Enjoyed the summer off with my son.  My son turned 8.

Won the Mark’s Daily Apple Success Story Contest Prize

My (Paleo) Testimonial was published on RobbWolf.com

Launched Pamela’s Paleo Life blog!

Ate lots of bacon.

Life is good.


Looking Forward 2013…

First things first: housekeeping.  Time to put away the Christmas tree and decorations!

Then it’s time for a round of decluttering.  I am definitely an “Unclutterer” and like order in my home.  It makes everything in life run smoother.  I am also a planner, so it’s time to set up the 2013 calendar and record-keeping files in Google and Evernote.  Also a good time for data file backups.

Lots and lots of work to do on my newly minted website!  Time to learn HTML.  Time to delve back into my hobbies of photography and scrapbooking to generate some raw material. Time to engineer some new and unique recipes and to update my eMarketing skills.  Research topics abound.

That’s quite a list right there.  Behaviorists say that the more you spread your efforts, the less results you achieve.  Fewer goals with more focus and such.  In my professional life, I worked extensively with performance management, and I can say this is true.  And goals need to be SMART to increase the odds of achievement.  Specific. Measurable  Attainable. Realistic and Time-Based.  

So, the very first step will be to define all of these vague goals in those terms and put those commitments on the calendar and in Evernote.  …Right after I get my son back to school in the morning…;)


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